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As a general business policy, we offer significant discounts to those organisations that work for the common good. These discounts often result in our services running at cost or slightly above which is an acceptable position providing we don't saturate our workload with such discounts which is hard to manage because such significant discounts attract considerable attention, however, we will endeavour to honour these discounts where possible. The actual discounts vary depending on the services and/or products ordered but we will be upfront with the discount before contracting any work. We have, in the past given discounts in excess of 40% but the markets are continually shifting and so is the discounts available. If you are a Charity, Non-Profit organisation or a public service organisation then contact us and we'll be able to give you an idea of the discount available for your needs. 



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GEN as a business is heavily into eco-friendly initiatives including our green data centres, our micro generation, our green grid supply and of course our eco friendly waste initiatives but today we have yet another accolade.

Today we ar


TRENDMICRO1v2 GEN - Discounts - Charity, Non-profit, Public Service

Better than the competition

GEN Business Security Services are based on the legendary Trend Micro Business Security portfolio which achieved the highest overall score from for all participating vendors on corporate endpoint s


Last summer, we published a comprehensive look at the ways that Facebook could and should open up its data so that users could control their experience on the service, and to

GEN has been an investor in Synology hardware and solutions since its arrival on the market, and in that time Synology has become synonymous with quality and performance in the dedicated NAS arena. Founded in 2000, Synology is dedicated to