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This company was founded by people who love technology and we are ALWAYS looking for something new, innovative and optionally useful. If you have such a product or service and would like us to review it then please read on!

Conditions for Published Reviews

  • We will only provide an honest and unbiased review. If your looking for somewhere to buy reviews then this is not the place. 
  • We will not sell, auction, market or give away your product or service without your written confirmation. 
  • We will return products to you if that is your wish but ask that you arrange collection and shipping. 
  • Our review will not only be seen by our customers who are predomently medium to large corporate and enterprise customers but also by the decision makers here at GEN and we're always looking for new products and servies to add to our collective. 


We do receive quite a few products and services to review monthly and we aim to complete a review within the month. If your product/service review is time sensitive then please make that clear and we'll do our best to accomodate you. Once published reviews are not removed from our site unless we are asked to do so. Links and references in a review that have changed over time (with buyouts or rebranding) will be undertaken providing you supply all the applicable details. 


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Our three main sites nett 85k* sessions per month, with a good mixture of social media, search and email driven traffic from Business, Corporate and Enterprise Support, Management and Procurement People. Whenever we publish a review an email is sent to our customer base as well as the 39k* email subscribers. The clickthrough from our email is averages 54%* and we measure this based on no referrer to the article URL. Clearly some articles are of more interest to some subscibers but we do average it. Additionally, If your product or service is genuinely of interest to the corporate / enterprise market then we will undertake the promote it both on our monthly news and directly through the sales team. 


Sometimes a product or service comes with a request for funding, maybe as part of a larger croud funding iniative or as a closed investment pitch. We will respond to both of these by reviewing the product/service and considering the options. There are no guarantees given but we do OFTEN invest both monentarily and resources in innovative new technology that we believe has what it takes to survive in this crowded marketplace. 

* Metrics measured in December 2018 through Janurary 2019 and are accurate at that tiem. Our following and traffic has increased month on month for the last financial year and we work to ensure this trend is maintained. 


Social Media is a wash with hysteria and false information that is starting to effect people in negative ways. At GEN we need to be ahead of the curve on this so we can actively manage our operations and ensure continuity. We will share t


Grandstream Logo 252x252Granstream have been around almost as long as SIP has, and their offerings have never dissapointed, from low budget two line handsets right through to full screen android endpoints and everything in between. For corporate environments grand


This Wednesday, the Portland City Council will hear from residents, businesses, and civil society as they consider banning government use of face recognition technology within the city.

Over 150 Portland-area business

We are HP Partners and as such can supply the full range of Hewlett Package hardware and software. We are specialists in HP Netservers from generation 2 awards. We can offer outsourced supply and support for the full range of HP DL/ML and B