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Thank you for your interest in our FREE Cyber Security Consultancy.

GEN has been providing network and infrastructure security advice and consultancy for the last 20 years and we've never charged for advice. Our aim here is to provide a free service to UK small & SME businesses to help with the initial understanding of network and cyber security risks specific to their business. For many, even most, that's all the advice they need to put together their own processes to mitigate the big risks and protect their businesses. 


The Cyber Security Consultation will be completely FREE and can either be technical or business orientated as required and can take up to an hour. During the call we'll discuss your business setup, the risks and how to best mitigate them. We'll take notes during the call and email a copy over at the end for your records. 

Please complete the form below and we'll come back to you and organise a date/time that suits for the call. This service is only available to UK Businesses currently and is limited to once per Business.

If you've come here and are experiencing technical issues and require priority support then please visit the HelpDesk and raise a case there. 

Please complete this form as fully as possible and we'll organise a call. 


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Whilst the 'cloud' seems to be the word of the week there are in fact many options that need to be considered and we've got them all covered. 

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We are HP Partners and as such can supply the full range of Hewlett Package hardware and software. We are specialists in HP Netservers from generation 2 awards. We can offer outsourced supply and support for the full range of HP DL/ML and B