24 June 2016

New BT sensory room uses technology to improve young lives

sensory room

BT has poured its technology know how into creating a new multi-sensory room to boost the lives of young people.

Back in 2010 BT teamed up with Lord’s Taverners to form a partnership that’s since invested with more than £500k to create 25 special multi-sensory suite crosswise the UK.

The latest school to benefit is Cedar Lodge in Belfast, which caters for 216 pupils with a wide range of learning and physical disabilities on with associated difficulties. These include syndrome, communication problems and sensory impairment.

Stimulating environment

Multi-sensory instrumentality so much as so much as lighting, sound personal effects, mirrors, bubble tubes, fibre optic motley strands, soft mattresses, music and aromatic oils can help children develop communication and physical skills, build friendships and increase confidence.

It can besides help with the development of emotional responses and improve basic skill and skill skills.

The suite can besides significantly support children with sensory impairment, portion enhance development of senses so much as hearing, sight, smell and touch.

Lois Little, principal at Cedar Lodge School, explained how the new BT unfunded room will work.

“The new sensory room will enhance the educational provision for our pupils by facultative us to deliver purposeful sensory programmes inside a multi-sensory environment. piece beneficial in stimulating the senses to increase attention levels and involvement it can besides promote wellbeing by reducing anxiety and sensory overload through encouraging relaxation.

“In addition to providing individual programmes, the multi-sensory instrumentality will allow us to adopt a multi-sensory approach to learning and teaching. They will be used for planned sensory information activities by incorporating drama, stories and music coupled to visual display themes so much as 'under the sea', 'outer space' and 'our fantastic world.'

Technology releases potential and enriches lives

BT has invested with £25,000 in the development of the new sensory room at Cedar Lodge School. This is the second school in Northern Ireland to receive a BT sensory room following the installation in Harberton School in Belfast.

Alex Crossan, managing director BT Northern Ireland Networks, said: “Our purpose as Northern Ireland’s leading communication theory service company is to use the power of communication theory to improve the world we operate in and to help young people accomplish their potential. To that end, I am delighted that our partnership with the Lord’s Taverners continues to flourish, with today’s BT sensory room at Cedar Lodge School in Belfast opening some other step on our journey to enhancing the lives of thousands of young people with disabilities.”

Paul Robin, chief executive of the Lord’s Taverners, added: “The Lord’s Taverners is dedicated to giving young people a sporting chance so we are delighted to work with BT to try and reach our goal of portion over 18,000 young people with disabilities crosswise the UK by 2020. This new sensory room will benefit the teachers, carers and families of Cedar Lodge School’s students and enhance the learning experience and future development of its pupils.”

Watch a short video about the BT sensory room.