11 November 2016

BT develops sailing boat innovation at a rate of knots

Land Rover BAR team

BT is developing ground-breaking technology that could help the Land Rover BAR team land the America’s Cup.

The company has teamed up with software program firm Coderus to work on a solution to one of the biggest technology challenges in America’s Cup sport – providing fast and accurate plan of action information to crews working at the very limits of their capacity.

The America’s Cup, with its extraordinary physical demands, high speeds and extreme environments, requires an ingenious approach to provide foolproof technology to crew members.

BT’s solution combines the gigabytes of information from the hundreds of sensors aboard with sophisticated display techniques, and cutting edge analytics to help the race team make the right decision in a split second, the bantam margin between triumph or defeat.

Technology as important as skill

Matt Lawson, head of Applied Technology Centre at BT, said: “We’ve joined forces with Coderus to develop technology that we hope will set the Land Rover BAR team apart from its competitors. The America’s Cup is as much about technology as it is skill. It’s developments like the one we’ve been innovating with Coderus that we believe will truly make a difference.”

BT is the Land Rover BAR team’s official technology in property partner and a member of its Technical Innovation Group.

The company has a longstanding relationship with Coderus which is based at Adastral park in Suffolk.

Extensive testing and development of the solution has taken place at the home of Land Rover BAR in Portsmouth and has not yet been used during practice at the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in France.

The America’s Cup is the oldest sports trophy in the world. Its rules prevent full use of plan of action AIDS until the America’s Cup qualifiers begin in Bermuda next May.