23 January 2017

Super-connected and super-reliable – the new home wi-fi system from BT

Whole Home Wi-Fi

BT has launched Whole Home Wi-Fi, a new advanced system which gives customers a complete wi-fi network covering every room in their home.

The system, the first of its kind in the UK, consists of three 165mm repeater discs of a sleek contemporary design that are placed around the home, each with four powerful dual-band antennas, to give the strongest wi-fi coverage.

Whole Home Wi-Fi gives complete coverage and eliminates ‘dead spots’ - where previously there was no signal.

This intelligent self-configuring wireless network cleverly switches the user to the fastest, strongest and most reliable wi-fi signal when they move from room to room. It enables everyone in the family to enjoy their favourite programmes, music, games and films on multiple devices in every room.

Users can even make a video call or stream a video as they walk around the home.

Complete control

Whole Home Wi-Fi comes with an app that gives customers complete control over the system. A simple step-by-step guide helps the user find the best location for each disc to optimise wi-fi coverage throughout the home.

The app shows how the home network is being used and who is online. For key moments like teatime or homework, customers can ‘pause the internet’ - temporarily stopping internet access, and giving the family a bit of time offline.

Users can even choose the level of brightness of the disc lights or switch them off completely, for example, to stop unwanted light in bedrooms and hallways.

Stunning design

Erik Raphael, director, BT Devices and BT Wi-fi, said: “We all know how important it is for people to get a great wi-fi experience at home and how annoying it can be when you don’t get that. Whole Home Wi-Fi is the first product of its kind to be launched in the UK. Its contemporary design will look great in any home and it leads the way in wi-fi technology and performance.”

Whole Home Wi-Fi is easy to set up, simple to use and works straight out of the box. One touch software updates mean customers always have the latest firmware and security.