– Introducing Microsoft Education Live Tour around the UK – empowering students through education

By Chris Rothwell, Director of Education at Microsoft UK

The fourth industrial revolution has seen a shift towards artificial intelligence, machine learning and the net of property. People are progressively embrace technology to change the way they live, work and learn.

This move towards exploitation digital systems to help us accomplish more is going to inevitably have an impact on the jobs market; and if people are working otherwise, they will need to learn and use different skills. That starts in the classroom.

We are excited to be providing senior leadership teams, students, teachers, PTA chairs and school governors with an chance to grow their understanding of technology via our Microsoft Education Live Tour around the UK. To help you start your learning journey with Microsoft, we’re hosting free Sessions in Exeter, Glasgow, Cardiff, Liverpool and Weston-super-Mare, with new locations and dates being added weekly to showcase the power of digital transformation. We’ll show you how technology can help address key challenges in education, hear from Schools that have embraced technology, as well as sharing tips on reducing reimbursement, being more efficient and facultative students to acquire work-ready skills.

Microsoft spoke to students to understand what they wanted to learn to prepare them for the future world of work. They told us they wanted lessons that contained a lesser emphasis on creativeness, as well as social, emotional and digital skills.

Map of Britain showing Education Live locations

According to research from Microsoft, only 42% of employers say new graduates are prepared for the work force, especially when it comes to having the right social and emotional skills.

Fostering those skills in the next generation is crucial and we are perpetually looking for shipway to respond to this need. The research besides found that 98% of students performed better when they were given individualized learning rather than taking part in traditional lessons. This shows that teachers are more important than ever before; society inevitably them to prepare our children for a world in which AI will help them make the best decisions for themselves and their admired ones.

This starts now, with schools harnessing the power of digital transformation and the cloud. With the right technology, teachers can gain back 30% more time, according to Microsoft’s research, which can be used to do what they love – portion students learn.

Microsoft has seen that when organisations and companies move to the cloud, reimbursement are reduced, piece workloads and information can still be securely accessed anyplace , at any time.

Office 365 Education and Microsoft 365 Education help to unlock creativeness, and increase collaboration and cooperation. Students can personalize their studies to suit their inevitably, piece teachers can access the pedagogue Community to share ideas, lesson plans and resources.

Everything you need to know about Microsoft in education

Students are going to help solve the social and global challenges of the future, so it’s important we equip them with the right skills and tools to do so.

Spaces are limited for each session. Please register and share with your community now to avoid disappointment. More dates are being added shortly, so keep checking for events in your area.

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