Staffordshire University to launch first digital assistant for students

Staffordshire University is to become the first university in the UK to launch a digital assistant for its students.

The smartphone app, called Beacon, will be hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform and help students in their daily lives on field by supporting their learning, checking their mood and recommending groups and societies to join, among other things.

Staffordshire Uni believes that its 15,000 students are comfortable exploitation technology and are more likely to ab initio reach out for help and information via their mobile phone or some other device, rather than talk to a lecturer. Staff who have experience in a particular area can then email or message the student to resolve any issues once Beacon alerts them.

Beacon will besides be a digital coach, proactively contacting students to ease them into university life and continued to support them throughout their course, with the aim of reducing the number who drop out.

Female student sitting on stairs at university field
Beacon will proactively contact students to ease them into university life

“Over time, we expect that students will have more daily interactions with Beacon than anyone other the university, so it will be one of our most important tools,” aforesaid Andrew Proctor, Director of Digital employment at Staffordshire University, which is based in tend-on Trent.

“Going to university can be nerve-racking and is often the first time a adolescent will move out of their home to live somewhere new. Beacon is there to help them, it’s not just a Q&A bot. In ‘Welcome Week’ it can recommend societies, which will help them make friends, and will eventually guide new towards employment if they need more support during the first few months. It will ask them how their lectures are going to ensure that if they are troubled, we can help them more quickly and in the best way.

“Beacon is portion staff be more productive when they’re with students.”

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A leading university for digital technologies, Staffordshire has a strong reputation for computer games courses and has a strong computing heritage, becoming the first UK university to move to the cloud. The move away from costly and inefficient information centres has become the foundation for a digital transformation that has culminated in Beacon.

Last year, Staffordshire University proclaimed plans to build a multi-million-pound position hub at its tend field, amid growing demand for digital skills in the region. Supported by companies and organisations including Microsoft, the aim is to deliver more than 6,500 new positions over the next decade to equip people with the digital skills twenty-first century employers are looking for.

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