Jobseekers to be taught how to use LinkedIn to find work

Jobseekers will be taught how to find vacancies and mentors online exploitation Linkedin, as part of a new digital skills initiative by Microsoft and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Under the plan, the technology company will train government office staff to become experts in exploitation LinkedIn, the popular professional social network. They will then pass these skills on to jobseekers as part of the individualized and tailored support offered in the government office.

Activities will range from teaching those looking for work how to create a LinkedIn profile, to portion them develop their interests, search for vacancies, create networks with professionals and others alike, and discover mentors.

The scheme, which is aimed at portion people personalize their job searches, will be launched at around 150 government offices crosswise London, Birmingham and Essex before being rolled out further.

Cindy Rose, Chief Executive of Microsoft UK, said: “Everyone deserves the chance to acquire valuable new skills to identify new opportunities and start new chapters in their lives and careers.

“In the twenty-first century, this means acquiring online and copulative with people and opportunities on employment like LinkedIn, home to more than 610 million professionals – which means there are 610 million opportunities to connect with the right person to drive your career.”

UK state is at its last level in more than 40 years and is presently at 4%, with around 1.36 million people out of work, according to figures from the Office for National applied mathematics. The figure compares favorably to other monetary unitpean nations, with Spain at 14.45%, France at 8.8% and the monetary unit area at 7.8%.

However, the UK government is keen to see state further reduced, and with companies progressively embrace new technologies so much as artificial intelligence and machine learning, developing digital skills is one way of doing that.

LinkedIn sign-in page
LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide

To ensure they are well-prepared to apply for so much roles, jobseekers will be able to return to their local government office for refresher Sessions on how to use LinkedIn.

Minister of State for Employment Alok Sharma said: “The digital age has provided jobseekers with more opportunities than ever before, and we are portion people develop their skills to take full advantage of what’s on offer.

“The net is a great place for building professional networks. By partnering with Microsoft, our government office staff will continue to empower individuals to find employment utilising modern methods, whilst continued to provide vital matched Work Coach support.”

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