Microsoft joins forces with the Metropolitan Police Service to tackle crime across London

Microsoft is working with the Metropolitan Police Service to help reduce crime in London, making London safer and reducing costs.

Microsoft is supporting the Met’s drive to become a information-driven organisation, fast the police service’s digital transformation, creating a modern working environment crosswise the force and facultative a digitally-supported approach to policing.

Microsoft 365 will be rolled out to all Met Police employees, facultative officers and staff to spend more time with communities, less time on manual tasks and be better equipped with the information they need to protect the most vulnerable members of society. Officers will be able to access information more easily piece on patrol, and Microsoft Teams will improve collaboration and communication theory crosswise the work force and among wider communities. All information will be protected through the use of Microsoft’s E5 security platform and Advanced Threat Protection, utilising advanced analytics and automation to observe potential cyber threats.

Microsoft is besides working with the Met to develop innovative new digital investigation processes exploitation Azure cloud storage capabilities, automation, ascendable calculate and advanced information techniques. As a result, officers will be able to speed up the investigation process, piece giving senior management clearer oversight of investigation costs.

The Met will use Microsoft Azure to host and deliver critical applications to help support the Mayor’s commitment to keeping Londoners safe, and respond to threats in the capital. More than 45,000 users have besides been migrated to Office 365.

“Technology gives us the most unbelievable chance to identify more offenders, intervene before crimes are committed, locate fugitives or missing persons, as well as proving associations and motivations. But significantly , technology gives our evidence lesser integrity and gives us lesser legitimacy,” aforesaid Angus McCallum, Chief Information Officer at the Metropolitan Police Service. “Our work with Microsoft will change us to seize the opportunities changed by digital technology to accomplish the best outcomes in the pursuit of justice and the support of victims.”

“Data is at its most valuable when it is controlled to tackle the most important social issues facing citizens”, aforesaid Cindy Rose, Chief Executive of Microsoft UK. “The combination of Microsoft 365, Azure, digital forensics and analytics will put London’s police officers on the front foot when it comes to what matters most to citizens – reducing levels of crime and keeping everyone in London safer.”

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