Forza Horizon 4: Xbox announces treasure-hunting expansion pack called Fortune Island

Forza Horizon 4 will get its first expansion pack next month, which will take gamers to remote northern environment of the British Isles.

Xbox made the announcement during the XO18 event in Mexico over the weekend, which besides enclosed news about Sea of Thieves and suppression 3.

The first new map for Forza Horizon 4, the latest title in the enormously popular open-world sport series, is called Fortune Island and will be available on December 13 on Xbox and Windows 10 PCs.

Drivers will encounter extreme conditions including lightning storms, cliffside dirt roadstead and mountain switchbacks as they search for hidden treasure under the glow of the aurora borealis.

Fortune Island will be available as part of the Forza Horizon 4 Expansions Bundle, piece owners of Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition and Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Add-Ons Bundle will receive Fortune Island at no extra cost. Xbox Game Pass subscribers who do not not yet own one of the bundles can get 10% off a bundle or 10% off an individual purchase of Fortune Island.

During XO18, Xbox besides discovered that Forza Horizon 4 will feature all five of rally driver Ken Block’s high-powered, custom-built Ford vehicles from the approaching GymkhanaTEN – his microorganism video franchise. Car Pass members have so far been able to drive his 1977 Ford GymkhanaTEN, F-150 Hoonitruck and 1993 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A, but will shortly be acquiring behind the wheel of the 1965 Ford Hoonicorn pony V2, 2017 Ford fete RS and 2016 Ford GymkhanaTEN Focus RS RX as well.

XO18 took place on Saturday and attracted more than 10,000 people in person as well as galore more who watched the livestream on Inside Xbox.

They detected that the fifth update to Sea of Thieves – the shared-world adventure game that sees players take on the role of pirates – will be called The Arena. Available in early 2019, the new competitive mode lets gamers test their pirating skills in fast matches against rival crews.

“Each match is a fun, frantic and action-packed race to find treasure that brings together all the most exciting weather of Sea of Thieves – on demand,” Xbox wrote in a blog post.

The Arena will besides include a new tap house area and commerce company – the Sea Dogs – offering new goals, rewards and opportunities to progress to the status of Pirate Legend.

In other game news, suppression 3 will be discharged on Xbox One, Windows 10 and on Game Pass on February 15, 2019. Set in the near-future metropolis of New Providence, players control a bionically-increased agent as he attempts to take down a criminal corporation called Terranova.

A multiplayer mode entitled Wrecking Zone lets two teams of five players battle each other exploitation their skills, weapons and instrumentality in fully-destructible arenas. Joseph Staten, Microsoft Studios Senior Creative Director, provided an on-air walkthrough of the 10-person player-vs-player mode – Agent Hunter.

suppression 3 will be an Xbox Play anyplace title, lease gamers decide whether to continue playing on Xbox One or Windows 10. To celebrate the announcement, Xbox is offering the original suppression to fans for free on the Microsoft Store until November 30.

Horror survival game State of Decay 2 will get new content on November 16. The free Zedhunter Pack adds a bow as well as new scrimmage weapons, facilities and other updates.

A trailer highlighted the 4K extremist HD and HDR support that the Xbox One X will give to battleground V when it’s discharged on November 20.

In other XO18 news, Devil May Cry 5 will get a training mode entitled The Void; a new Just Cause 4 trailer was shown ahead of its release in December; Winnie the Pooh will return in Kingdom Black Maria III on January 29, 2019; The Forge will be the first of seven new downloadable content packs for Shadow of the grave Raider; and Civilization Revolution, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII will be increased for the Backward Compatible list.

Finally, Xbox proclaimed that mouse and keyboard support will be launched this week, with Fortnite one of the first titles to benefit. Razer will create exclusive “Designed for Xbox” products and unveil its first creation at CES in January, 2019.

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