Microsoft’s perspective on the proposed EU withdrawal agreement

By Cindy Rose, UK Chief Executive of Microsoft

In May 2016, ahead of the EU vote, we expressed Microsoft’s opinion that it would be better for the UK to remain in the European Union. nevertheless, we acknowledge the outcome of the EU vote.

Foremost in our minds, then and now, are the inevitably of our employees, customers and partners. Microsoft employees work and their families live in every EU country. They have built their careers and lives there, and we have systematically advocated to government the need to provide certainty to our EU employees regarding their “right to remain” in the UK post-Brexit and for UK nationals to remain in the rest of the EU.

Many of our customers and partners operate businesses that trust on Microsoft’s cloud computing employment. These businesses require the resistance flow of information crosswise borders in order to operate effectively.  We have systematically advocated to the government the need to ensure this information flow continues post-Brexit.

The projected agreement would preserve the rights of our UK and EU national employees and their families presently based in the UK and in the EU to remain where they live and work. The agreement besides protects the businesses of our customers and partners by portion to ensure the free flow of information crosswise borders. departure the EU with no deal would create significant uncertainty with respect to these two priorities. Microsoft, its employees and its customers need a feasible deal, not “no deal”. The projected agreement is some a necessary compromise and feasible, departure without a deal is neither.  We therefore support the projected agreement as the better option.