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We at EFF are deeply grateful to each one of the 2,076 people who gave a donation during our Better Digital Future membership drive. They join the over 30,000supporters around the

world who have answered our call to reclaim the fate of the Internet. Your help allows us to develop free privacy-enhancing technologies, advocate for consumers in the courts, defend free expression online, and so much more.
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On each anniversary of EFF's founding, we renew our commitment to fight for the rights of ordinary folks as technology becomes an ever more present part of life. We don't need to abide by tech that exploits and surveils us because this weird and beautiful Internet still has the power to uplift free expression and privacy, rather than serve as a tool of control. A better digital future is necessary andwith your helpit's possible.

The membership drive may be over, but we still need you! Online freedom waits for no one and I hope you consider joining EFF this year if you haven't already. Members can pick up great gear including an EFF shirt celebrating the best parts of the Internet. Thanks, sincerely, for supporting EFF, and for ensuring that we retain the ability to connect, explore ideas, be expressive, and have private conversations.

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