EFF and 45 Human Rights and Civil Liberties Groups Condemn Federal Law Enforcement Actions Against Protesters in Portland

EFF joined dozens of other groups in a letter condemning the behavior of federal law enforcement agencies in Portland, Oregon. Despite the wishes of local government officials, the federal government deployed

law enforcement, including U.S. Marshals and Customs and Border Protection officers, to Portland. The federal government officially explained these actions as an effort to protect federal buildings, but it appears to be a militarized counter-insurgent effort to suppress protesters and the residents of Portland.

The coalitionwhich includes Fight for the Future, Media Justice, and PDX Privacycalled for unwanted federal forces to be removed from Portland and urged Congress to investigate the pattern and practice of abuses against protesters.

Read the letter in fulland learn more from EFFs coverage and analysis of police response to the 2020 protests.