FREE Business Directory for Technology Companies

directoryThe GEN Technology Business Directory is a FREE for all directory listing Tech Companies within the UK and worldwide. The itent of this directory is to allow businesses to promote their services via our platform. 

Our readership is predomently Corporate and Enterprise customers and we receive around 50k visitors per month to the site for various reasons. Our News Channels draw a fair degree of traffic and we're always promoting the directory vai those channels. Our Monthly Newsfeed whcih is distributed to around 10k IT managers also carries the branding and we're intending to include a 'new to the directory' section in that newsfeed. 

Finally, with our Domain Authority its always worth having a link from us, and we've crafted the directory to ensure the page that carries your site link will ensure a valued link is created.

We also leverage the directory to promote our own customers and those of our resellers within ours and their SEO activities. All our links are do-follow and we allow a rich and customisable company page. 

Remember this directory is FREE but there are some exclusions

  • No Adult Material.
  • No direct competitors.
  • No illegal Content (within the UK/EU).
  • No religious or racial content.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our directory and we sincerely hope that you'll add a listing.