Coronavirus and COVID-19 Readiness


We are already being asked by our clients how their services would be affected if efforts to stop, delay or vaccinate against the coronavirus is unsuccessful. To this end we would like to assure all our customers that we have contingencies in place regardless of the outcome. To reassure you further we will highlight some of the key aspects of our planning, which has been long established and tested in the event of any threat to normal operations. 

  • The NOC requires at least 4 staff at any one time in order to cover the workload of moves/changes/incidents etc but we normally staff this at 21 over 3 shifts to cover 24/7.
  • ALL staff arrivals will have their body temperature tested and anyone with elivations will be refused entry and sent home and monitored for 14 days.
  • ALL senior staff are now teleworking from home and will continue to do so for the duration.
  • ALL on-site meetings, conferences, and other in-person events have been suspended.

If the situation becomes such that we are loosing too many staff to this process we will isolate NOC operations. 

  • We have made arrangements for 12 selected staff to take up residence in our NOC and for the complex to be locked down.
  • The NOC is stocked with enough food and water for 10 weeks as it stands and we may increase this stock if we consider it necessary.
  • The NOC already has a strictly controlled environment with ehanced multistage filtration, UV, o3 and T5 processing and a controlled positive pressure providing a zero penetration scenario. This system was designed to provide operational isolation in any forseeable emergency including nuclear fallout, biohazards, war and civil unrest.  
  • The NOC can operate on backup power for a total of 7 days with renewables combined with the current levels of diesel, but again we may review this and increase our storage of diesel in reserve tanks, and/or arrange refuelling during runtime which can be accomplished without the need for any staff to enter or leave the NOC. 

We have been assured by our interconnects that they also have contingency planning in place to cover their remit should the need arise.

For on-site service calls, and visits to end users, we may restrict these to essential and emergency cases only and with increased precautions as the situation develops, but as we are now handling more than 94% of issues remotely this should effect very few customers and only non-essential servcies, upgrades, new circuits etc. 

We are fully confident that you can expect no interruption to current services during this period and your service level agreements will be honoured, however this is based on current information which may change should for example, the two current variants of the pathogen mutate into a more serious form. Trust that we will have planning in place no matter the landscape to ensure services are maintained. 

If you are looking for information to protect your workplace, the World Health Organisation put together a very useful document which we mirror HERE

If you are an organisation looking for information on how to quickly setup teleworking then we have assembled a specialist team, so contact us today for more information. We provide free advice as well as services and we're already working with many of our customers to quickly setup functional teleworking scenarios. 

Update March 24/2020

As from this morning the NOC has been isolated, staff have moved in and taken up residence. The Helpdesk teams have handed over operations to the NOC team going forward. As above we're totally confident that our NOC will continue to function without issue until this crisis is over. We have no reason to believe that any of our primary partners or interconnects are likely to experience any issues during this period, but we have backup's in place.