Web Presence Design and Development

With almost all businesses having a need to promote themselves on the Internet, Website Design is big businesses, but not all design companies offer the same services. There are in fact many channels to an internet presence and choosing the correct channel can have a significant impact on its success. A website is often considered to be just a website, but in fact there are many variables to consider when contracting a design house and I'll deal with a few of these below. 

Static or dynamic? 

Do you want a website that just provides a portfolio of your services much in the same way a conventional brochure would? or do you want a website that in some way connects the customer to your services in a more dynamic way? And example of a dynamic website would be a quoting tool, or online ordering but that's by no means the full scope. We recently developed a website for a solar provider which in realtime shows the current Kwh being generated from their solar estate as an example. 

Developer or Customer Supported? 

Whilst the initial cost of the website design may be significant, there must be thought given to its maintenance especially where it has dynamic functions. Many design companies will offer some sort of maintenance on a monthly or annual basis, but managing this long term financial commitment requires careful consideration. We always look to involve customers as much as possible in the future maintenance of their web presence but are always there to help as required. 


A website can, with some additional development interface with third party systems, such as an ordering system or a contact management system. Making these decisions at the outset can significantly reduce development timescales and costs. A good example would be a system to allow your customers to track their orders, or raise help requests etc. Our system allows our customers to access their quotes, invoices, tickets, etc and our HelpDesk allows those same customers to raise issues and track them to resolution and beyond. 

The GEN Approach

With so many companies in the market, website design is often sold with jazzy graphics and sparkles used to win over board memebers rather that being focused on customer experience. Many customers, myself included are frustrated with jazzy twinkly websites that take real effort to navigate and interact with and there are many encountered weekly. A website should look smart but above all should be functional addressing its core purpose first; to connect customers to your business. Customers rarely complain about a technically competent customer focused website but are quick to critsise having to scroll down a quarter mile to find the content they want, or being forced through "one more step" or picking traffic lights and sidewalk's from little pictures. 

We understand this, and build sites that are functional, giving customers simple to follow, easy to use interfaces that convert into sales. We specialise in interfacing your in-house systems (or your suppliers systems) with your website. Our Hosting Services are second to none, and as a development customer you will benefit from a year's hosting included in the package. All hosted websites provide you with extensive reporting on visitors, pages, conversion and more, all part of the package. 

We will never band *your* website around as an example of our work because we know this annoys customers.

With our SEO services we can further enhance those sales with careful marketing. If you are considering a new or revising your existing website then contact us for a consult and quotation.