The ICO and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner sign Memorandum of Understanding

James Dipple-Johnstone (Deputy Commissioner) said:

“Information rights regulation, in particular data protection regulation, has an increasingly international dimension. Effective protection of the UK public’s personal information becomes increasingly complex and less

visible as data flows across borders, so the UK needs a regulator with global reach and influence. As such we continue to build on our relationships with important international stakeholders.

The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner and the ICO both share a common mission to uphold information rights. This MoU sets out the intention of both organisations to work together to protect personal data through:

  • Sharing experience, expertise and ways of working,
  • Cooperating on specific projects and investigations, and
  • Sharing information and intelligence to support our work.

We look forward to continuing to work closely with our Australian colleagues over the coming months and years.”