Winner of the ICO’s Practitioner Award for Excellence in Data Protection 2020 announced

Recognising the increasingly vital role played by data protection professionals, the third ICO Practitioner Award for Excellence in Data Protection is awarded to Barry Moult, Information Governance and Privacy Consultant, and

former Head of Information Governance at an NHS Trust.

Chosen by an independent panel, Mr Moult has been recognised for his commitment to protecting the data protection rights of NHS patients, showing passion for his subject, and wanting to leave a legacy of good data protection practice by training others.

Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner said:

“I read Barry’s nomination submission with interest – and one line really struck me. Barry wants patients to receive the best care and treatment they can by virtue of the most effective use and management of their personal information. That sums up what good data protection professionals understand: that good data protection is a help, not a hindrance, to innovation and excellence.

“Barry has had a number of successes during his career. He formed the first national Strategic Information Governance Network Group, he supported the development of the former NHS Information Governance Toolkit, and developed a national career path in the NHS for those working in data protection – to name a few.

“Data protection and information governance advocates, like Barry, lay the ground work for information to move smoothly between public services safely and securely. And as we’re seeing in the UK’s response to coronavirus, data plays a central part in supporting frontline staff.

“I want to congratulate Barry on winning the ICO’s Practitioner Award for Excellence in Data Protection 2020.”