Space Weather and Geomagnetic Storm Protection

As you may already know we have two datacentres within the UK and both are situated underground, have backup power in the form of short term UPS and longer term diesel generators, and are monitored 24/7 by our staff. What you may not know is that we also take a data feed from the NOAA to monitor space weather and take appropriate action to protect our systems and your data. 

The NOAA Space weather alert feed let's us know when there will be adverse geomagnetic interference and generally gives us at least a day's notice but sometimes less and during times of excessive risk we will move all systems over to backup power to protect us from any potential issues from the grid. There will be generally no noticable effect by our customers, except in the event of a complete shutdown which would only be required in the most extreme situations indicated by a G4 and above event. 

Eitherway you can rest assured that we've already got this covered and will take all possible steps to ensure your data and services are uninterrupted.