Contractual Engagement - Helpdesk

All in-life requests and provisions are actioned through our customer interface system known as the HelpDesk. The HelpDesk interface provides several advantages over more traditional phone or email requests. 

  • The HelpDesk serves as a clear and concise record of customer requests, progressing, and fulfilment that remains available to both the customer and our staff long after the request is satisfied. The HelpDesk timestamps every request, reply, internal and external notes, attached files and so on to provide a clear record of actions requested and taken including any clarifications. 
  • The HelpDesk avoids the need for paperwork to be exchanged for every request. Upon registration (below) with the HelpDesk the customer's representative agrees that all future requests are governed by the Framework Agreement. Each customer can have one or more representatives registered on the system and where requested each request from one representative can be copied to a nominated representative such as a manager.
  • The HelpDesk allows us to prioritise requests based on the customers specific Service Level. 
  • The HelpDesk allows us to monitor performance of our teams
  • The HelpDesk uses complex workflow automation to enable fast provisioning of many requests. 

The landing page on the HelpDesk Portal is shown below. 

This page is dynamic and Featured Questions and Other Resources will change based on usage. 

The Registration process can be completed online by opening the HelpDesk at, selecting Sign-In and then selecting "Create an account". The Screen is shown below...

Upon clicking Register, the following screen is presented and an email is sent to the address registered above to confirm the address is correct.

Once the email is received and the link is followed then the account is confirmed and the following screen presented

After confirmation, the representative may login and submit requests for work. In the Framework GP1 V2.11 28/11/2000 these are known as a "Statement of Work". The first request raised by a newly registered representative requires validation before it can be processed and this includes checking the domain name that is registered is known to us and known to be that of the customer. 

To Create a request (new Ticket) simply click New Ticket from the menubar once signed in. The screen will be presented as...

The Help Topic

In order for the request to be allocated directly to the correct Team, the Help Topic should be selected correctly. If in doubt you can select the root topic such as

  • Accounts
  • Development
  • Emergency Support
  • Provision
  • Support
  • Sales
  • Termination

and a manager will review the request and assign it to the correct team for you but this may invoice a delay in processing the request.