Copyright Materials and Licenses

Our Websites use a variety of Images, Graphics, Code and Video's which are subject to copyright restrictions. For the majority of the media, it is sourced from Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, or Similar but in a few cases we've gone to other media suppliers for specific media. All other media is either generated internally or is syndicated from a third party. 

Licensed Media

Media from Shutterstock, Adobe, Corel and others make the majority of licensed media on the site. The purchase may have been directly from the Partnership, or by any one of the group companies. The license to use is granted for OUR use only so please don't take images from the site and re-use them unless specific permission is given. 

Syndicated Media

We Syndicate news feeds from key players in the market and as part of that syndication we may cache locally some of the media used, but it should be made clear that the licensing for that media is held by the source and links are provided to that source vendor in the content. 

Internally Generated

We have our own graphic designers to produce media for our customers and our own sites. This media is copyright Global Enterprise Networks and should not be used without specific permission. If you wish to syndicate our news feeds the please contact us and we'll make those arrangements and extend licensing to cover this purpose. 

Customer Websites

It is specifically the remit of our customers to ensure media on their sites is correctly licensed. We cannot take a position on this nor would we. For enquiries regarding use or licensing of our customer's media please contact them directly. 

Threatening Behaviour

If you are a certain company from Sweden who makes their money from threatening small businesses into paying you for some wishy washy alleged copyright infraction, please don't bother. We've already warned all our customers about this activity and instructed them not to engage. 

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