Your Portal

At GEN we like to leverage the power of the internet to give our customers direct 24/7 access to the information we hold such as their company information, contact lists, quotations, sales orders, invoices, statements, documents, assets, and services via our customer portal. To use this portal you first need to be given access which will be done automatically if your assigned the principle contact for your company, or by request. Your login credentials will be email'ed to you when your access is enabled, and a temporary password is issued. Once logged in you can and should change that password immediately. 

The portal can be accessed at

Using the Portal

  • When logging in you'll be presented with the organisation overview, showing the data we hold on your company. Top right is your login, and access to "My Settings" and "Logout". 
  • Using the menu on the left hand side of the screen, you can select from the various categories such as Project, Invoice, Quotes and so on. 
  • When selecting categories they automatically filter to YOUR documents, such as your invoices or your quotes. To see all instead of just your own use the SHOW button on the right to switch to ALL. 
  • Some areas of the system will allow you to make changes to items such as contacts, but only if enabled and this is not enabled by default. 
  • Finally, under your contact record, under Customer Portal Details you will see the start and end date for your portal access. 

Access Control

If you request additional contacts to have access to the portal, then you may also at that time specify which categories of information should be available. For example, the finance department can be given access ONLY to invoices, and the project department only to Projects. If you don't specify then each new contact given access will receive the same access as the principle contact which is often fine. 

We hope you will find our portal simple and useful, but if you have any issues just contact us and we'll resolve them.