When we started this company 25+ years ago, we were in a market where supply was massively fragmented; Your telephone was supplied by BT, Internet by us or others, Mobile was from yet more suppliers, hardware, software, all different suppliers with different support arragements, and the most common phrase used in the industry was "Its not us, you need to call... ". We thought differently, and setup as a one-call supplier where we'd manage it all, and you'd only need to call us and we'd sort it. With this approach we took the market by storm, built long term relationships with third party suppliers and quickly became a leader in corporate and enterprise class services management. 

Over the subsequent decades and as one of the countries longest established service providers, we've finely tuned our service offering and staffing to provide the very best in class systems and services. Whilst the industry was desparately retargeting virtical markets, we, with several notable acquisitions expanded our portfolio to provide a one-stop-shop for all our customer's requirements. One number to call, one account manager to deal with and no matter the need we'll take charge and deal with it. This is what makes us different. 

Our datacentres are all located underground with power grid isolation, two stage backup power, multistage environmental systems and disparate connectivity. We have tried and tested disaster recovery procedures and we even actively monitor space weather and have procedures for dealing with solar storms and other risk factors. 

Our Managing Partners continuously drive our eco-vision, from the very latest power saving technology, having our own solar systems and other initiatives we've reduced our carbon footprint and waste profile significantly. We monitor our Datacentres power usage in realtime and you can see it HERE

Our market is customers who are looking for high performance, secure and bomb proof solutions and the very best in class support.

Every GEN customer get's their own account manager that they can contact anytime, even out of hours. 

Our Technical HelpDesk, which is the primary channel for support monitors and tracks our performance in realtime and at the time of writing this our mean time response was 14 minutes and our mean time to fix was only 1.5 hours which is by far one of the best in the industry. We never off-shore anything ever. 

We're never adversed to custom solutions, in fact that's how we work - you tell us what you need and we'll find a solution to do it.

About Us

The Company GEN was established in 1989 and offered the first dial-up Internet, X25 and X400 available in the UK. The company specialised in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) as well as early messaging and data transfer technologies. 

The GEN Partnership was established in 1992, and has a long and well regarded heritage of which we are very proud. We were there at the start of it all, lived through the golden age and we're still here today. 

  • We were the first UK Managed Services Provider back in 1992, taking third parties under our wing and managing them for our clients. 
  • We were the first Independent Internet Service Provider offering scaleable internet connectivity to large corporate clients in the UK and Europe via X.25, X.400 and private circuits. 
  • We were the first cloud service provider by providing TCP/IP Access to our centrally hosted Novell Netware Servers. 
  • We were the first provider to offer cellular data access to corporate networks via BT Cellnet and Motorola 9000 series car phones. 
  • We were the first UK provider to offer toll free dial-up and digital ISDN internet via Cable Networks based on Hayes Century R/RAS
  • We were the first to offer fixed price point to point over ISDN at 128k for UK businesses. 
  • We were the first to offer multilayer encrypted voice communications between businesses long before VoIP.
  • We are the only UK software house to have our software orbiting the planet in communication satellites. 

From the bleeding edge of encrypted telecommunications, advanced software development, enterprise class hosting, to the very latest in internet based clouds, GEN has it all to offer to potential clients who are looking for a personal collaborative relationship with the UK's leading technical services provider. 

We are fully transparent with our customer Your Portal giving our clients full access to their quotes, sales orders, invoices, statements, documents, contracts, and through our support systems our customers have full access to all past incidents and requests.

Our realtime system status is driven directly from our NOC management systems so you can see what we see as its happening.

Our diagnostic tools available on our support site are the very same tools used by our technitians, developed in house and made publically accessable for the benefit of all.

Our FAQ and WIKI carry not only our own services but those issues and resolutions commonly encountered at the HelpDesk and made publically available for anyone to use. Our historic archive is by far the single largest archive of historic vendors, systems, schematics and software from an age gone by and is regularly updated and maintained. 

We focus on providing best in class services with a real focus on managed security and encryption to protect our clients now and into the future. Our target audience is not those who are looking for the cheapest self-managed and poorly supported services but instead those who are looking for a more collaborative relationship where they drive the vision and we make it happen,  whatever it takes. Welcome to a technical services provider who will never tell you something is impossible. Welcome to GEN