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Backup and Restore Strategies

Its that time of year when we like to remind our customers that having a complete and tested backup and restore strategy is a business critical requirement especially when many customers work on a set and forget basis. That is, they set it up, and then forget about it only being vividly reminded when the server catches fire or some other disaster. We've recently had one customer who setup an online backup almost 3 years ago and when they really needed it they found the company had gone bust two years ago which in short means, no backup. Another customer in Q4 last year had an online backup solution which used a local key stored on the backup server to encrypt the backup, which is great until the server blows up and you can't restore the data without the key that's now lost. These are just simple examples of how set and forget which is so often promoted as beneficial is really not in any way a benefit. 

So whatever your backup solution, please take the time at least one a year if not more often to analyse log files and actually 'test' the restore process and make sure it works as expected.

If your using any of GEN's backup solutions then we're more than happy to work with you to actually carry out a full restore onto another system to test the solutions. 


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