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Data Security of Warranty and End of Life Drives

I'm sure everyone has had to return a failed hard drive or replace drives that are end of life and this process is well documented in many security policy, but how do you ensure the data is irrecoverable before disposal or return? 

You would be surprised to learn just how much data can be recovered from a seemingly destroyed hard drive, and we are well aware because we spend a great deal of time every month recovering data from Hard Drives, SSD's, tablets, phones, USB sticks and more with significant success rates. 

So, in order to satisfy this need the group has decided to offer *FREE* non destructive hard drive data destruction for all our customers. Simply return the drive to us and we will securely erase the data using a device which emits very strong magnetic fields in patterns desgined to purge data from magentic media. If the drive is a warranty return then we will take care of the return to the manufacturer for you too, again at no charge. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and have a great week!

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