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GEN OfficeGateway ExtremeCX4

One of the latest configurations to enter the OfficeGatway family is ExtremeCX4 which can provide your business with 600Mbps downstream, and 80Mbps upstream for as little as £260 per month*

OfficeGateway has been around since the days of dial-up modem, where it was PC based and would dial-on-demand to provide a LAN with internet access. Those days are long gone, with speeds available up to 90Gbps symmetric at 1:1. The OfficeGateway now consists of several units depending on configuration to provide security features, web cache, site to site encrypted VPN's and a range of IDS and Packet Shaping options. Our basic OfficeGateway service, operating at just 80Mbps and providing a SPI firewall, VPN and user access control starts at as little as £69 per month*. The best part about OfficeGateway is that the entire solution from the hardware on site, the configuration and the connectivity are all totally managed so should anything ever go wrong, we'll fix it!

* UK Only, Site survey often required. Prices for installation depend on services, connectivity and features. 

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