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Royal TS/TSX - The perfect tool for connecting to everything


There are some tools that you work with so often that they become invaluable. Anyone who spends their days connecting to different systems and servers will know that the tools generally available are system specific; Windows desktop = Microsoft RDP Client, Linux box = Native SSH or Telnet, FTP Server = FileZilla, Cute or WinSCP and the list goes on. Each tool has its own qwerks and issues but we learn to live with them in order to get the job done. 

A few years ago now I was looking for a better SSH client because in my job when I have many SSH windows open its easy to loose track of which is which and I downloaded the first beta of Royal TSX (For Mac). It was a work in progress but I loved it. Now I can have my SSH clients in Tabs instead of separate xterm windows and I can name the tabs so its clear to see. I can even automate the login by scripting so I no longer have to waste time looking up passwords and leaving sessions open way longer than needed just because I have to lookup passwords. Royal TSX even in its early stages was a well thought out tool that instantly made its way to my quick launch bar. 

The first beta could connect to SSH, Telnet and RDP and I quickly found time to add all my regular connections and never looked back. 

Now that was a good few years ago and today Royal TS for Windows and Royal TSX for Mac are well polished and comprehensive toolsets with connectivity options to just about everything you could ever want...


Telnet, SSH: With full control over credentials, session, scripting, emulation and much more. 

RoyalTSX Screen

You can clearly see the TAB's showing connections to multiple servers with varying connection types. 

File Transfer whether FTP, SFTP, SCP can be a bind to manage but no longer


Simple drag-drop file transfer. But there's more, much more...

RDP: for connecting to windows workstations and servers. 

TeamViewer: For anyone that still uses it. 

VNC: For your GUI based connections to Windows, Mac, Linux, IP KVM's and more. 

File Transfer: Over FTP, SFTP, SCP and more. Simple drag-drop functionality.  

VMWare: List instances, control on and off, connect to the console and more.

Hyper-V: Instance control, data and connections. 

Serial: Yes, even Hardware Serial over USB is a click away for those serial console moments that blindside you on an idle Tuesday afternoon. 

An all-in-one Tool, one screen, one set of configs! The organisation of connections allows you to create folders and move connections into folders so finding that connection is logical. I have folders for each customer, then a folder for each site within the customer folder which really helps. Royal TS/TSX stores all your connections and configuration in a 'phonebook' file which can easily be migrated or even sync'ed between workstations. I for example sync between my main desktop, laptop and mobile phone (yes, there is a mobile/tablet companion product!) 

But that's not all, how about windows Events? We all hate those, and monitoring can be a pain especially with multiple servers over multiple domains. Royal TSX cuts through all the nonsense with direct connections to Windows Events.

RoyalTSX VMWare

Windows Services, no problem. Windows Processes a click away, simple as anything and of course Powershell is also a click away. 

If your not already looking for where to download this tool then I'd be surprised, did I mention its FREE for up to 10 connections and after than the full product is only €35 or $46 for an individual license which is seriously undervalued in my opinion. If I add up the thousands of hours I've saved over the years then the true worth of this product would be 5 figures plus. 

When I first started using TSX and it would spend a good part of the day on my screen, where co-workers, visitors and even customers would ask, What are you using to do that? The product literally sells itself through its smart clean look and feature set. 

The developer, Royal Applications, are an Austrian company with a tight focus on their core product line. The product is actively developed and there are updates with new features and connections arriving regularly. The Support is outstanding with quick responses and assistance, and there's comprehensive documentation also available.

Its important to note that Royal Applications are not paying or influencing this review in any way. I genuinely love the product, use it every single day and paid willingly for my licenses. I strongly recommend anyone not already using it to give it a try, for FREE remember. 

You will find their product at www.RoyalApplications.com and a quick link to their download page would be https://royalapplications.com/ts


If you found this review useful and I managed to save you hours a day then drop us a comment... 

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Guest - Dave Schincelli on Thursday, 25 October 2018 13:22

What I've always been looking for.... Perfect.

What I've always been looking for.... Perfect.
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Sunday, 25 September 2022

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