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Spring Clean your Personal Computer


Modern operating systems like Windows and MacOS generate vast volumes of needless data during normal operation by design. For almost as long as these operating systems have existed there have been tools to clear down the needless data and optimise files, tables and configuration to speed up operation. One of the first of these tools was "Norton Utilities" created by Peter Norton in 1982 for MS-DOS (later sold to Symantec in 1990). In the intervening 35 years Operating systems have become over more advanced and demanding and the number of competing tools increased. We, as a solution provider have used most of these tools over the years but recently we've focused on a powerful and lightweight tool from MacPaw. 

MacPaw, a Ukrainian company has been producing "ClearMyMac" for many years and are now very much the market leader in this space. Recently MacPaw entered the Windows market space with "CleanMyPC" and with their proven track record we adopted this product as our core offering for Windows users. This article is going to review both products and highlight the key features of both. 


CleanMyMacFor as long as we've been using Apple products, CleanMyMac has been a pre-requisite and it brings a comprehensive toolbox to the platform. The most signifiant of which is its junk removal feature which can free up a significant volume of space on each run but removing Cache Files, System Logs, Broken Preferences, unused Universal Binaries, unused Language files and Localisations, Deleted Mail Attachments, iTunes junk, Browser Cache and History and of course your Trash Bins. This whole process is automated and after a few minutes of processing a figure of storage is given. In running it on this very workstation whilst writing this article CleanMyMac found 1.7GB of junk to be removed. 

The Un-installer is one feature that is still missing from MacOS even today. Some App's once installed are complex and awkward to uninstall and most require a return to console commands to remove everything. CleanMyMac allows complete removal of Applications including preferences and local data. CleanMyMac can even uninstall multiple applications at once which is really handy. 

MacOS has a number of tools only available from the command line such as flushing DNS, rebuilding the launch database (Launchpad), repairing permissions etc and CleanMyMac brings these to an easy to use menu. 

Privacy is something that is becoming more important now that the nefarious practices of some Websites is becoming public knowledge. CleanMyMac gives a simple click and do approach to clearing this data and ensuring privacy. CleanMyMac also includes a secure file deletion tool which promises to eradicate all traces of a selected file or files. 

Extensions, are pluggable add-ons for MacOS Browsers and Applications such as Finder and Launchpad. CleanMyMac lists all these Add-ons and allows you to simply point and click to enable and disable them. Especially useful is removing Launch Agents, which load automatically when you login and can be really annoying. 


With the same clean and modern interface, CleanMyPC brings the same toolset to windows and focuses on the key issues that still effects windows PC's daily. The "Cleanup" feature clears Cache Files, Logs and of course Trash. Running it on a PC in the office a moment ago we free'd up 1.5GB of space automatically. 

The Windows Registry is the store for all settings for Windows and most Applications. The Registry is a database and suffers from Fragmentation as well as junk. CleanMyPC swiftly cleans the junk and optimises the Registry files to speed up access and keep it relevant. 

Windows does have an Uninstaller but you can only uninstall one application at a time and there are often issues with uninstallation. CleanMyPC brings the same multi-application uninstaller with added clean up. 

Windows Extensions are again plug-ins and add-ons for Browsers, Windows Explorer and these can again become damaged and require repair or removal. 

Autorun, which is the same as Launch Agents on MacOS and is a list of applications that will automatically be started when your PC boots up and/or you login. CleanMyPC Gives you a simple click to enable/disable list to easy manage these.

Privacy is again a concern maybe more-so for Windows users and CleanMyPC not only gives you a list of data to be cleaned but also suggests the data's "Safety" or risk. CleanMyPC also brings with it the same secure erase functionality ensuring any trace of the selected files is removed and rendered unrecoverable. 

CleanMyMac DashboardThe NEW Version of CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac X takes the product to a whole new level with CPU & Memory monitoring, Malware Protection and performance tracking all of which just add to an already awesome toolset. 


Both tools offer a wide range of really useful services and perform flawlessly. This is not free software and there's a price but its very reasonable, is FREE to try and on a cost/reward basis is well worth the money. If your looking for more than 5 copies then please contact us for a corporate license. 



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