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I was recently made aware that MacPaw Inc, a well known software house traditionally of Apple Mac Software had released a free of charge encryption package I felt compelled to try it. 

ENCRYPTO is a great tool which provides quick and easy AES256 encryption for your files. The setup is simple and operation couldn't be easier. Simple drag files into Encrypto and your done. A Password is used to secure the files and of course this is an absolute requirement to decryption. 

AES as a standard has some serious support for being strong and reliable, and much of internet encryption is now based on AES. 256 bit encryption means the likelihood of someone being able to crack your sensitive data is approaching zero. 


  • Well, its so very simple to use and in our testing it worked flawlessly.
  • We liked the password hint feature but also felt it could jeopardise the security if not correctly applied. 


  • Whilst its available for both Windows and Mac, it is not available for Linux or iOS which will doubtless loose it some ground for multi-platform sites. 
  • There is no command line version so automation isn't going to be possible. 

The future: 

Well, its free of charge and I don't know how much more development MacPaw are going to put into it, but I hope they take it forward maybe with a paid version that supports command line automation, a range of Ciphers and possibly Linux and iOS support. There's a fairly small number of competitors that have any credibility in this market area such as GPG and OpenSSL both of which require some technical knowledge to operate. 

Please feel free to click the link above to go to MacPaw and take a look at Encrypto and their Gold Standard CleanMyMac/PC which I can highly recommend to anyone. 




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