For Corporate and Enterprise Class Unified IP Telecommunications Systems and Services, GENTelecom a member of the group provides a comprehensive range of Asterisk Based IP Telephony switches and endpoints from Siemens Openstage, Gigaset, Aastra, Mitel, Cisco and Grandstream together with IP Interfaces from Dinstar, Portech and Digium. We have a wealth of experience with Asterisk FreePBX, Elastic and PBX in a flash together with core Asterisk 11, 12 and 13. We can provide phone systems from a handful of extensions to 2500 per unit and a virtually unlimited number shared over multiple switches. We regularly provide multi-site systems with local routing and even temporary deployments at construction sites with 4G call channels to a central office system. 

If your looking for unified communications or have an existing solution that needs support then contact us today.