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There is often some confusion around "IT Outsourcing" but in reality Outsourcing is just IT Support with a wider scope. IT Support comes in various flavours as below. The key objective of Information Technology Outsourcing is to reduce costs and enhance business functions through rapid response and comprehensive skillsets.

Some IT Support and Outsourcing companies will Outsource your infrastructure to cloud computing providers such as Microsoft and Google and simply take a middle man position, but we will not do that instead taking up an active support position that suits you and not us.

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Service Support

If you have a service from us then support for that service is usually inclusive. For example our Secure Email Service comes with HelpDesk Support for any issues with the system. Service Support can help you with issues outside of the service but this would be chargeable at our standard rates as is the case for most such support scenarios.

Maintenance Support

Maintenance is fixed price (usually) IT Support for a given number of Workstations, Servers, Peripherals, Infrastructure and Services. Support is usually paid monthly, quarterly or annually and will have a mutually agreed service level. Additional service levels can be applied for key systems and services. Maintenance Support will cover hardware on either a RTB (Return to base) or On-Site Service and this can be mixed/matched as needed so that mission critical hardware is on-site whereas desktops/laptops are RTB. With mission critical infrastructure we can provide both hot and cold spares on-site or on same day provision as needed.

Adjunctive Support

You may have your own resources in house to resolve IT issues, but there may be issues that are either beyond your in-house resource, or you may need coverage outside the hours of your in-house support and/or for holidays , etc. Adjunctive Support is exactly that, support backup when you need it at a fixed or pay-as-you-go pricing structure. Adjunctive Support not only provides peace of mind but greatly enhances your own resources and reduces downtime. 

Outsourcing Support

Outsourced IT Support is simply a more comprehensive IT Support Service where we take care of everything and manage your on-site resources (if any) as well as service support agreements you may already have providing a single point of contact for ALL operational IT Support requirements. No more will you have to deal with one service provider blaming another, we will take care of that and handle both the services and their remits. IT Outsourcing has strict and mutually agreed service levels to encompass our activities. IT Outsourcing will inevitably reduce costs, streamline support and reduce downtime, as well as factoring a robust business continuity process.

IT Outsourcing is like having your own IT Support team of experts but for the cost of just a few. Savings can be in the order of 30%-80% depending on the coverage and response required. 

If you are considering or choosing to outsource then please give us the opportunity to review your requirements, demonstrate our systems and services as well as providing a competitive quotation by using the contact form to the side. Our team will come back to you promptly.

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