Outsourcing is often though as a new age method of reducing costs and increasing coverage, but we've been doing it since the mid 90's. Whether to outsource or not, and how much to outsource really depends on your business and core objectives, and outsourcing isn't a one size fits all solution as many companies start the journey with Managed Services, then slowly migrate over to outsourcing. There are however 4 main reasons why outsourcing should be a consideration of every business from small to large and here they are: 

  1. Expertise. Whilst your in house staff may be able to take on day to day, there's always going to be something they can't solve and you can't always afford to have a team of technical experts in house just in case it does. With outsourcing your IT even if you keep some in house staff (or we supply them) there is nothing we cannot solve quickly and efficiently. Upgrades, Rollbacks, Disaster Recovery, we can do it all because that's what we do and you never find yourself in the situation where your IT guy is on holiday and its all gone down the tubes. If we say 24/7 we mean it, every single day of the year our technical teams are supporting our customers day and night. 
  2. Quality. Often in IT, there's the right way and the wrong way to solve every problem. The option taken depends on the knowledge and competence of your IT staff. At GEN, we never compromise, not on hardware, not on software and certainly not on quality staff.
  3. Revenue. In most companies today, IT takes a major role in the corporate revenue stream, whether that be via a CRM or through websites, and the better these systems work, the more efficient they become the more effective they are at fulfilling their purpose - revenue. 
  4. Savings. Probably the easiest of all is real world £ savings and the reason is probably best illustrated with some examples: 

Firstly let's assume you have two IT staff on 30K each, so 60K annually not including employers contributions and the such like, and what do they actually do? Well that's a hard one because every company is different, but in all probability they will be doing a mixture of (a) Fixing Faults with printers, screens, PC's, etc, (b) Fixing system issues and (c) Upgrading and patching software. When you consider this, people often overlook the obvious, which is WHY does everything always need fixing?? In a properly supported environment the number of system issues should be minimal, and the number of hardware issues should be non existent. So once everything is fixed properly, what are your two IT guys going to do? Not much in reality, which is why in the majority of cases, when we take over your IT we actually take on your IT staff and manage them for you to ensure the minimal disruption. 

So, how does it sound now? Take your existing IT department and supplement or replace it with 24/7 support from a team of experts in just about everything. No excuses, no fails, just doing it right every time. If you're looking for holiday, absence or supplemental cover then we've got a range of services including a flat rate pay per use option that costs you nothing unless you need us. If your a service provider and are looking for someone to pick up the slack when it gets busy then we've got a programme for that too. 

If you want to discuss the options then give us a call today, or chat online, or even email us via the contact form and we'll come right back to you! 


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We offer some of the FASTEST and low latency connectivity solutions in the country. Give us the opportunity to quote for your connectivity requirements. 

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