mariadb logomysql logoMySQL and MariaDB are by far the most popular open-source database platforms available today, and much of this popularity is due to their inherent flexability and versitility. In fact, configuration and maintenance of MySQL and MariaDB forms a core part of our business, helping customers ensure their database platform runs at optimum efficiency and with all the required proection. 

Ad-Hoc Reporting (From the latin Ad Hoc, to this)

Many customers have systems bespoke or off-the-shelf that are backed by a database platform such as MariaDB/MySQL and sometimes find they need information from that database that isn't available in standard reporting. Designing and Developing custom queries to provide customer insight forms part of the core services we offer. Queries can often be embedded within the package or where required made avaialble on a custom or automated basis. For large data processing which would perhaps not be possible on the customers platform we can run these queries on our own data processing platform with increased performance. 

Tuning and Analysis

It is sometimes said, well quite often said that MySQL/MariaDB requires regular optimisation and tuning and it is clearly so. As tables grow certain queries can start to take extended times, and resources become saturated in some situations leading to delays and in some cases errors. Optimising the database can be as simple as making some changes to the configuration, or go as deep as enabling the performance schema and tracking queries and utilisation to track down issues. Eitherway we have the team and expertise to solve performance and resource issues where they occur. Most of our standard maintenance agreements incldue this kinda of work by default. 

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Ensuring the correct and reliable backup of your database is critical should it become required. Sometimes, due to power failures, server reboots, or even software failures tables can become corrupted and whilst there are some tools for recovering such issues they are not always perfect and a restore is the recommended approach. Setting up backup/restore processes that are dependable is vital and just another service we offer for those who need it. 

Clustering and Front Ending

MySQL/MariaDB allow for clustering, which is effectively the replication of data between multiple hosts allowing either primary/slave or load balacned operation. MaxScale allows queries to be distributed between multiple servers for performance and resilience. Managing and Maintaining clusters for peak performance and resiliance is yet another service packaged in our database maintenance services to ensure your database keeps working perfectly. 

Fully Managed Hosted Databases

If you're looking for a high performance and fully managed database platform to backend your application/web then we offer this service, as a single or mutli server offering. We'll manage the day to day optimisation and backup, as well as providing support for performance and functional issues. Our MariaDB Enterprise cluster, based on an array of distributed 40 core HP DL580 servers each with a half terrabyte of ram and a SAN data fabric giving probably the best performance of any database platform. Queries can be distrubted and load balanced over any server in the cluster as needed to ensure lightning fast responses to even the most complex multi-layer queries. 

Big Data Processing

For really large distributed query processing across multiple databases such as cross referencing census, cameo, experian, equifax, house price index, enviromental, flood risk, crime, or other significant datraset we provide this either one time, or regularly either returning the datasets to your server or hosting them for remote looking on ours. See our Big Data Processing article for more and contact us today to discuss.