IT Consultancy Nottingham


If your considering new systems or upgrading systems then its always worth allowing our Nottinghamshire based IT Consultants furnish you with an impartial and expert opinion. Were more than happy to provide a critical assesment, a technical review, a price performance analysis, risk assesment, disaster recovery objective and much more. 

New Projects

We are always looking for new and innovative projects to undertake that go beyond simply upgrade and support. If you are considing a new IT project and would like our views and involvement then please contact us and we'd be happy to respond. 

Critical Assesment

Our experts can review IT Infrastructure and Systems proposals and seek out those critical contract points that need to be fully specified prior to contractual engagement. We can ever write and/or proof the contracts prior to engagement. 

Technical Review

A valuable second opinion on any specification or proposal can give you the edge when contracting services from suppliers, and we'll highlight and identify any security concerns with the project. 

Price Performance

Whilst neither price nor performance are prerequisites for many IT projects they do often have a weight on the decision making process and in the more complex projects it both price and performance can loose focus. 

Risk Assesment

As regularly demonstrated in industry the rollout of IT projects are often plauged with unexpected failures and issues that can seriously affect the bottom line and identifying these risk factors early allows for mitigation planning to be built into the contractual rollout. 


Today there are many compliance issues adversely effecting companies, from PCI for payment card processing to GDPR for handling customer data. We are able to advise and provide the help and support required to navigate compliance sucessfully and economically. 

Disaster Recovery

Building a strong and robust disaster recovery plan can make all the difference when the worst happens and building the disaster recovery process direclty into the infrastructure model makes everything much cleaner. We'll not only design and develop your disaster recovery programme but we'll test it too. 

Face to Face, Telephone, Video Conferenceing and more flexability helps us actively reduce the cost of IT consultancy from the industry standard half day or day rate down to an hourly rate, and indeed for many projects telephone or video conferencing is more than suitable. 

So, if your looking for some of the best IT Consultancy in the country and at the best rates then please contact us today. 

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