Electronic Mail brings with it a catalogue of issues that can make its operation costly and inefficient, from problems sending, problems receiving, relentless spam and viruses and performance issues. Our UK (Nottingham) based experts are able to solve pretty much all issues quickly and reliably in any of the following examples: 

Problems Sending

One of the problems with sending email is that receiving servers have varying degrees of anti-spam protection that can easily flag your messages incorrectly and prevent delivery. Some providers have well setup systems that rarely give issues whereas others have systems that are always giving issues and we've seen them all and know what does and doesn't work as well as having connections with most major providers to swiftly identify and resolve delivery issues. If your having problems getting your messages delivered then we can help. 

Problems Receiving

This one is sometimes harder to identify because there's rarely any tracking information available but then again the cause is often poorly configured systems and gateways which are relatively easy to resolve. We are able to contact the sender's and work with them to isolate the issue and then resolve the problems permanently. 

Endless Spam 

This one is easy to fix and generally requires some changes to server configurations as well as blacklisting and content filtering. In our experience the majority of spam that is causing concern will originate from small selection of sources which are easily identified and blocked. In the longer term we can work with you to block spam as it appears to keep mailboxes uncluttered and clean. 

Virus Infections

One problem we often encounter is blacklisting due to virus infection sending spam from the customers premises, this is surprisingly common and can be hard to track down because some infections are smart and hide well. We already have a corporate antivirus team and their expertise can be leveraged to identify and clean any virus infection that's causing unwanted blacklisting and general damage. 

Risk Management

One potential for harm that is rarely considered is the real risk of email from your employees. We are frequently contacted to 'stop' an email sent by an employee either by accident or as a deliberate malicious act and the truth is we can't. Considering the potential damage that employees can do and mitigating that damage should be something that all companies do by default. When we look at organisations we often find that more than 80% of employees don't actually need to be able to email outside of the company, and by simply restricting these employees to company only email we can greatly reduce the risk of accidental or deliberate detrimental behaviour. For the remaining employees, restricting what they can send can also help prevent accidental or deliberate data loss via email. 

Track and Trace

Many email systems do not keep accurate logging or tracking of email's sent and received and yet in our experience email is a regular source of cost and harm that can then never be identified after the fact. Being able to track email's sent and received and be able to monitor activity should be a prerequisite. We have a number of systems to store, archive and analyse email traffic to ensure there's always an answer available for any suspicion. 


As anti-spam protection progresses more and more of your marketing email's are going to be rejected silently and never reach your recipients. This can be a huge problem especially when conventional 'tracking' techniques such as embedded images are now generally defeated by email client software. Maximising the reach of your email marketing activity requires both careful crafting of the email AND reliable distribution both of which we can help with. We manage email marketing operations for many organisations and are able to reliably indicate delivery probability together with list management of bad addresses which can also result in unwanted blacklisting.

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