Joomla CMS Development and Support

There's no doubt that Wordpress is easier to learn, quicker to deploy and more popular for those reasons alone, but Joomla®, developed by Open Source Matters Inc, is undoubtably more powerful, scaleable and secure as a solution and if your willing to accept that its a little more complex to setup and maintian.

Joomla®, at its heart allows for complete customisation of the experience whether that by via CSS, templates, styles, or through modules, embedded plugins and even embedded PHP and JS directly into the render. When your looking for a CMS solution that can take your business to any destination then Joomla® is the one to select. 

There are many examples online showcasing the flexability of Joomla, but we prefer to just say, whatever you want, we can do. A good example of this would be a recent customer portal entirely in Joomla, with data extracted from a SQL Server database over the Secure WAN and presented to customers via interactive tables, graphs and downloadable content. 

Technical Support

We are a full services provider, offering hosting, solutions and technical support for your Joomla® presence. We're actively developing components, modules and plug-ins for the platform and have a stock selection of pre-built tools for rapid application development.

We also offer a maintenance service for which we will monitor your site's uptime & performance right through to a fully managed service where we maintain your website in a healthy state and response as a priority to support issues. For Component updates (as required to address a security concern) we will manage the whole process of purchasing and maintaining upgrades, deploying them and will invoice only for the cost of the upgrade (Available for Standard and Premium only)

Custom Development

Joomla is a framework, allowing a template combined with content to quickly construct a web presence, but it can do much more. With the use of Modules, Components and Plug-ins your Joomla website can go on to display realtime data, lists, tables, and charts. We can take data from various sources and then render that data on your site. we can create custom forms which are then processed and actions taken. We can integrate your website with your CMS or CRM system so that customers can order from your live catalog or access their accounts. 

Website Hacked, We can un-Hack it

Joomla is very secure, and as long as you keep it up to date you will be fine, but third party modules, components and plug-ins can have vulnerabilities that when exploited could allow someone to compromise your website and deface it, or use it to perpetrate fraud. Don't panic, we can (a) remove the compromised code, return the site to its former glory and put in place protection going forward. Contact the HelpDesk today if you believe you've been hacked and our technical team will deal with it swiftly. 

End to End Solutions

If you are interested in a CMS Project based on Joomla®, or have an existing Joomla® presence and would be interested in our services then contact us today.



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