We offer some of the FASTEST and low latency connectivity solutions in the country. Give us the opportunity to quote for your connectivity requirements. 

  • OfficeLink

    When considering allowing access to corproate systems over the internet a VPN is often leveraged to permit authenticated access to carefully selected services over the public internet. Our Popular SAS (Secure Access Service) accomplishes this very task, but sometimes you need to give a remote working a lower level connection to the corporate LAN and this is where OfficeLink has the perfect solution. Available only on-net OfficeLink provides direct access to the LAN from a fixed remote location over our highly secure double encrypted private WAN and then optionally also permits internet access routed from the remote client. 

    That is to say the connection from the fixed remote client over our DSL/FTTC/ELM/EFM connections are securely routed to your corporate LAN with or without protocol filtering and this gives several advantages over VPN...

    • Since there is no authentication required (by default) and this is fixed link between two fixed endpoints, then there is no risk of compromise as there would be in a typical VPN scenario (the very reason that you'd never use VPN to connect directly to the LAN)
    • There is no additional encapsulation overhead which makes the connection faster and doesn't reduce the MTA any further. 
    • There can be no restriction on access so that the remote client is actually part of the LAN and participates in broadcasts etc which is important for services that rely on broadcast to work such as some Vod Services. 

    OfficeLink is only suitable for customers who have (or will have) PMP connectivity to GEN and who have (or will have) GEN connectivity to the fixed remote client. Aggregated bandwidths of up to 1Gbit are available on this service. 


  • Off Grid High Speed Mobile Data

    For construction sites, remote research and other off-grid areas where high speed data is required we offer the GEN GoFI portfolio. Whether you need a complete off-grid solution with solar power and satellite uplink, or a locally power 3/4G solution then we've got the kit to cover it. With one base station you can repeat one upstream link over a virtually unlimited area using repeaters. QoS services are available to support VoIP telephony and we even offer a compression gateway for remote monitoring of CCTV. 

    The GEN GoFI portfolio also provide localised low voltage power from our solar base station to supply POE power to VoIP phones and Camera's as well as providing a charging base for mobile devices and laptops/notebooks. So whatever your need for mobile data at virtually any location, give us a call and let us spec you out a solution to buy or rent as you prefer. 

  • PMP (Point to Point or Point to MultiPoint) Connectivity

    In the time before PMP/P2P there were leased lines, and these were point to point connections over ATM or Frame Relay terminated by NTU's at each site and that worked great, but today we've got far better services to offer and herein we'll talk about PMP over MPLS. 

    PMP or Point to Multipoint is a connectivity solution that allows for private connectivity between two or more sites with ethernet presentation over various mediums. Probably the most common medium is NE (National Ethernet) over MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) which permits simply and secure connectivity between sites with Layer 2 switching. 

    However, PMP can be over a mixture of 

    • Microwave 
    • WiMAX
    • P2P Laser
    • 4G/5G Cellular
    • Sattellite 
    • ELM/EFM
    • Syncrhonous DSL
    • Fibre optics
    • EPS Copper Pairs

    When the network configuration is complete the customer has the option of either routing or switching the network traffic between sites. For efficiency and resilience over PMP routing is preferred and is mandatory when one or more of the endpoints is the Public Internet but in smaller networks Switching works just fine. 

    MLE (Multi Layer Encryption) can be added to any/all of the spans to provide increased security and privacy should the customer require it. 

    PMP is provided in two main and distinct flavours: 

    • Fully Managed - In this case the entire end to end circuit is managed by us and we monitor it 24/7 at our NOC. Routing and fallback is managed by us so you have no need to get involved in fault management. 
    • Part Managed - In this case then circuit connectiivty is managed by us, but the customer is responsible for managing the routing/switching. 

    Whichever management option, bandwidth, medium and term you select will determine the overall cost of the circuit and for that reason we will quote each scenario seperately. 

    The majority of PMP connectivity options can be augmented with enhanced service levels upto 24/7 1 hour response as needed. 



  • OfficeGateway - Advanced Corporate Internet Gateways

    With companies becoming more and more reliant on reliable internet connectivity, GEN produced the OfficeGateway product portfolio. The first version of this product was released in 1995 and had one or two ISDN2e connections, but nowadays we use one or four XDSL circuits to provide an aggregated throughput of up to 1Gb/s. For something larger, we can accommodate multiple private circuits with backup DSL at speeds of up to 90Gb/s. 

    Our latest product release "ExtremeCX4" which can provide your business with 600Mbps downstream, and 80Mbps upstream for as little as £260 per month*

    Common Products

    Product Code      Upstream      Downstream      Fault Tolerant
    C1   20Mbps   80Mbps   No
    C2   40Mbps   150Mbps   Partial
    C3   60Mbps   200Mbps   Yes + 4G
    C4   80Mbps   250Mbps   yes + 4G
    CX1   30Mbps   150Mbps   No
    CX2   50Mbps   200Mbps   Yes + 4G
    CX3   90Mbps   400Mbps   Yes + 4G
    CX4   80Mbps   600Mbps   Yes + 4G
    CX3A   50Mbps   300Mbps   No
    CX3B   100Mbps   600Mbps   Yes
    CX3C   150Mbps   900Mbps   Yes
    CX4D   200Mbps   1200Mbps   Yes + 4G

    But you don't only receive reliable high speed internet with OfficeGateway, you also have access to flexible access controls, so some of your staff have unrestricted access whilst others have a more restricted service. You can look at reports to see who is using what bandwidth, and even which sites are being accessed and for how long. Restrictions can be placed on certain activities, such as internet radio or youtube.com and those can be company wide, or for a subset as required and all this is wrapped into a class 2 firewall to keep your network free from unwanted visitors. 

    * UK Only, Site survey often required. Prices for installation depend on services, connectivity and features. 

    For more information, and for a formal quotation contact us today!

  • Enterprise Class Internet Access up to 350Mbps per circuit

    When it comes to DSL there are certainly many options on the market, but if you require high speed, low latency internet access for your company then GEN have a range of XDSL services that are in a class of their own. We start with ADSL, VDSL and XDSL at speeds of 24mbps, 80mbps and 20mbps respectively, and then move onto Cable at 152mbps. Contention is available in 10:1, 5:1 or 1:1 on all services. If that's not enough then we have our flagship Internet Access product OFFICE GATEWAY which can aggregate DSL services to achieve speeds of up to 1200Mbps. If that's still not enough then we can provide Fibre and Cable services at anything from 10mbps to 1Gbps. If that's still too slow, then we can offer 30Gbps over FTTP and even aggregate that to 4x giving 104Gbps. 

    ADSL2+ With Speeds up to 24mbps downstream and 2mbps upstream is available in 10:1, 5:1 and 1:1.

    VDSL2 With Speeds up to 120mbps downstream and 24mbps upstream is available in 10:1, 5:1 and 1:1.

    EoFTTC Ethernet over FTTC which is effectively uncontended synchronous VDSL provides performance up to 20mbps downstream by 20mbps upstream. 

    EFM Ethernet First Mile uses the same infrastructure as FTTC but at lower speeds and uncontended. 

    ELM Ethernet Last Mile can provider higher speeds than ADSL2+ where VDSL isn't available or reliable and is uncontended. 

    DOCSIS3.1 over HFC can provider up to 350mbps downstream and up to 122mbps upstream in various contention models. 

    All services can have a number of options including traffic prioritisation and critical care priority support. 

    Office Gateway doesn't just provide lightning fast Internet Access, the Office Gateway product family also provide: 

    • Web Proxy Cache - to speed up web requests
    • Application Protection and Enforcement - Prevent trojans, RAT's and other nasties from breaking out of your LAN/WAN. 
    • User level access control - Allow some users full access and other limited or restricted to whitelisted sites. 
    • Antivirus Protection - Inline scanning of sites and prevention of infection at the gateway. 
    • Detailed Logging and Reporting - Who accessed what and when, its all there. 

    Additionally, Secure Access Services and SecureNET can be provisioned via the Office Gateway to give companies secure and encrypted point to point connectivity between offices and teleworkers. 

    There is little doubt that OFFICE GATEWAY provides a significant portfolio of services to your IT infrastructure, but on top of that, its fully managed so it won't take a moment of your support time. For more information on OFFICE GATEWAY and its many variants contact us today. 




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The security of your business often depends on the security of your premises and facilities and in this area we have a comprehensive portfolio to offer. 

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