TeleWorking Remote Office and WFH (Work from Home) Solutions

Its no secret that we were the first company in the world to offer teleworking solutions as far back as 1990, and we've maintained leadership in this space ever since. We have a full portfolio of teleworking, teleconferencing and remote working solutions from single remote workers to quick setup and teardown temporary offices. If you're considering having staff teleworking, remote working or working from home then the overriding consideration is security. The moment you open your corporate systems to outside access there are significant risks. 

Working from Home (HomeLink)

One of the easier solutions provides for staff at home to have a secure link to your corporate network, this can be done via the GEN secure network or directly to managed or supplied security appliances. This solution generally involves a high performance low latency circuit to the home, usually broadband and a secure point to point connection from that equipment the corporate network. In our recommended solution GEN will supply and manage this broadband connection so we can assure the integrity of the last leg connection, but we can supply plug and go equipment to work with existing residential or business broadband, or even a software only soluition that users can install on their PC/laptop/tablet for remote access. 

Remote Offices (OfficeLink)

If you have small remote offices and are looking to connect these to a central corporate network, either physical or virtual then our Officelink solution provides a point to point or point to multipoint secure connection over managed secure circuits from narrowband through through to 30Gbs MPLS. Over these secure connections your remote office appears as if its part of the corporate network and can have full, partial, filtered or specific access to corporate services. 

Teleworking and Teleconferencing

One aspect of Remote Working is being able to bring a telephone extension or extensions remotely. Most companies do this by simply redirecting an office extension to a mobile number or landline, but this has many disadvantages that become increasingly significant the more remote workers you have. Voice over IP is a better solution, simply replicating the full functionaltiy of the corporate phone system to hard phones or soft phones remotely. This allows home workers to still call other worker by extension or ring group, to call internal only numbers, to receive and screen internal and external calls and of course use facilities such as voicemail and conferencing. Simple follow-me configuration allows a remote worker to pull the extension from their office to their hard phone, or their mobile phone as needed. 


One challenge found by most companies looking to support home working is collaboration. In an office environment, people interact all the time and much of the work output is collaborative. Being isolated at home takes that away and can be a significant detriment. Video Conferencing is the obvious solution to this, allowing staff to collaboate both visually via video, but also by sharing their computer screens so they can collaborate on work product. Our screen sharing and video conferencing solutions are mature and reliable, allowing many members of staff to see a shared screen, with some or all of them taking control to make changes and illustrate. The alternative to this is the seemingly endless email merrygoround where a document does the rounds over and over again taking forever to reach concensus. Our collaboration solutions have been so successful that even after returning to the office the tools are still used to bring people together in shared collaboration. 

Quick Set and Tear down

When you need site offices to be setup quickly and torn down equally as fast we have a selection of highly secure corporate access systems over 4G, 5G, WiMax and Broadband. Our quick setup package can supply the secure link, the link and additional services such as voice phones, video phones, cctv, etc or a complete leased or rented office including furnature, computers, phones installed and de-installed by our teams on short notice. 

Secure Proxies

One challenge to remote access, even with highly secure connectivity is the possible compromise of the endpoint. That is, if a laptop is setup to securely connect to the corporate network and that laptop is misplaced then its possible that access could be obtained by unauthorised persons. 

A Secure Proxy takes corporate systems and services and relay's specific services to remote users seperating them from a direct connection to the corporate network. This secure Proxy can apply a secord level of security optionally with two factor authentication and act as a gatekeeper for services. 

Secure Mirrors

Remote offices and staff often need access to files such as documents, sheets, presentations and so on, but shifting large files over slow links can be a problem. Our secure mirror services provide a synchronised local storage point at remote offices allowing each office local and fast access to an up-to-date mirror of corporate files. Changes to either the local or central file will trigger an update, or certain files can be read only whilst others can be readwrite by remote, central or both. This form of secure sync solves all the problems of file distribution over slow links, and with it comes iphone and android apps allowing certain files to be synced to users devices such as schedules, notes, documentation, etc. 

Whatever you're remote access requirements, please consider the market leaders when obtaining quotations and take advantage of our free advice policices. 

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