Partner with GEN

PartnershipGEN has operated a successful Partnership Programme for over 25 years and today approximately 40% of our annual business is delivered thanks to our valued Partner Network. Our Partners can resell the majority of GEN Services either as Self Branded (Whitebox) with indirect billing, or GEN Branded with direct billing. Our Partners can mix and match whitebox with branded as required to complete their customer portfolio.

Whitebox our services at trade prices and re-charge the customer

In this model, you as a Partner would purchase products and services from us at trade prices and then re-invoice the customer at your chosen rate and we have no relationship with the end user. This model is preferable if you want to include our services in your portfolio without any mention of GEN. Our whitebox establishment and fullfilment process hides GEN from the end users by alias'ing DNS entries to our Partners domain and using neutral or Partner branding on our service portals where applicable. We do not publsih trade pricing anywhere online. 

Refer GEN branded services and receive commission

This is a functional model for Partners who don't wish to become involved in the re-invoicing of services and are happy for GEN to take on this responsibility. Partners are still expected to be the first line of contact for end users, but GEN will provide priority support to the Partner and Support the customer direct where that is requested. This model pays the Partner a recurring income for every service that is billed monthly, quarterly or annually and a referral fee for one off services such as Software Development, Emergency Support etc. This service channel was formally referred to as our VAR (Value Added Reseller) Programme until 2010 when it was merged into the Partnership Programme. 

Partner Benefits

  • SLA12+ Priority Support from the Helpdesk. 
  • Critical Care and Premium Support on Broadband, EFM, ELM, MPLS and the majority of delivery services. 
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Reseller Portal. 
  • Shell & other Trusted Access to our systems and services. 

Our Partner network also benefits from referrals for work outside our scope or during times of high workload from our sales channels. 

Zoning and Coverage

GEN has national coverage for on-site, emergency and hardware support, but also has international reach for connectivity, hosting and channel services and the Partner Programme is available worldwide. We do not assign zones or territories or enter into exclusive deals with Partners for coverage. All our Partners are free to operate in any market anwhere in the world.

Custom Services

Whilst we offer a wide range of stock services we are always working to provide the best market coverage and our Partner Network is a vital part of that process. If, as a Partner you have a market that requires a custom product or service then we're more than happy to dedicate resources to accomodate.

Large Partnership Operations

Larger Partners benefit from dedicated servers in our datacentres right through to a fully branded HelpDesk, Portal, Systems, Shipping Materials and our staff uniforms for on-site support in return for established revenue targets. 

Applying for Partnership

If you are interested in becoming a GEN Partner then please Contact Us (bottom right of the screen) and we'll give you a call to discuss your needs. Our Partnership programms unlike most are not a one-size-fits-all solution but instead a negotiated and customised solution that works best for both sides.