Digital Data Destruction & Recycling

computer data damagedIn the modern world, Digital Data does not only exist on Hard Drives and so conventional data destruction techniques of physical hard drive destruction are no longer fit for purpose. That being said, physically destroying a hard drive is not only unnescesary but wasteful when secure erasure is just as effective and does not render an IT asset worthless. 

Digital Data Permiations

Servers generally store data within their local storage, but increasingly technologies such as iSCSI and SAN are moving the actual storage onto other platforms. A Typical iSCSI implementation would have virtualised servers using storage provided by a completely seperate storage server, and tracking down the actual physical location of data isn't always as simple as it seems. Virtualisation means that seemingly physical drives attached to an operating system are in fact virtual drives sharing space either locally or remotely. With High-speed inter-company or internet connectivity, those virtual share spaces can exist in a completely different location or even another country. 

Tracking down the actual location of the stored digital data, and then rendering an erasure unrecoverable is the skillset that we offer. 

The Data Destruction Fallacy

It has to be understood that digital data can be copied and copied many times and there's no inherent way of tracking those copies without a secure storage framework which is rarely encountered. By contracting a company to 'securely' erase data on Server A, there is no guarantee that anyone can give to assure you that the same data doesn't exist elsewhere. This, to some degree makes secure data erasure a seeminly pointless process without any assurances. We will if requested provide you with a certificate confirming that data stored on the physical or logical storage has been securely removed but again you must understand that this certificate is pretty much worthless in providing any assurance that any specific data has been removed from the world. 

Equipment Recycling

When a company decides to recycle IT equipment there is always a risk that data stored on that equipment may be uncontrolled. Secure Erasure of media on recycled equipment ensures this will not be the case via this route. We handle the collection, secure erasure, and recycling as a service to our customers often for a surprisingly low charge. Unlike other companies who will shred and destroy equipment, we keep this charge low by recycling equipment to parts brokers who will re-use these parts to maintain other equipment and therefore contributing to a more sustainable future. 

If you are interested in secure erasure and recycling that promotes a better tomorrow then please contact us today for a quote. 


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