Our Nottingham based Software Development Team are established and skilled in Embedded Assembler, GNU C, C++, Turbo-C, C#, ASP, ASP.net, PHP, Javascript, Swift and shell over a wide range of platforms and systems. Our Development Manager has been in the software design and development business for three decades and has personally written software that is now orbiting the planet. When combined with our DBA's we can work proficiently with pretty much any setup. 

Software as a Service

If your looking for SAAS (Software as a Service) whether hosted or cloud then we've got a full portfolio of solution for you being experienced in REST and SOAP as well as thin client services. 

Website Backend Development

If you have a website and are looking to further develop it with integration to your in-house systems or third party systems then we've got that covered. We have a team dedicated to CMS (Joomla, etc) plug-in/component/module development as well as compiled code for .net framework sites on ASP.net


If you have an application written in a legacy language or system such as Vbscript and are looking to migrate this application wholesale to a more supported language or platform without affecting functionality, or enhancing functionality then we've got this covered. We regularly undertake work to modernise code and translate code between languages which is all done manually to ensure security and performance. If you have data stored in a legacy system and are looking to migrate this data into a new system then we're able to write translation code to convert this data into the correct format and then import it. 

Code Analysis

If you already have a system and would like a comprehensive analysis of the code for both security and functionality then we have a portfolio for this. We can analyse code for vulnerabilities and search for backdoor's and other exploits sometimes embedded deep in the code. 

Maintenance and Support

When you have a software project in development or in production and you are looking for a comprehensive support service to maintain the software and ensure its operation with a selection of service levels then we have this service. 


Providing a quotation for software development, either new or existing, with or without support is not a simple process. There will need to be a comprehensive study of your requirements, documentation produced and then priced but we still undertake to do this without charge and provide a quotation based on this work because we're confident in both our abilities and pricing. If you're interested in any of these services then please contact us today (bottom right). 


The Microsoft .Net Framewor provides a stable and functional developement platform for VB and C# as well as the compact Framework for mobile applications. We have Virtual Development Environments for .Net 2 through to 4.5 and our Developers are experienced in all aspects of Microsoft Developement Environments. Whether your looking for Java compiled applications or thin client based on TomCat, we have the experience and platforms to provide it. When it comes to thin client applications based on HTML5 and PHP we're one of the best software houses having developed numerous large scale systems based on this configuration. PHP is one of those languages that is written solely for server side processing and gives rapid development times as compared to other configurations. Swift, which has now gone OpenSource provides the framework for Developing native applications for Apple Based Devices and Operating systems such as OSX and IOS. We're experienced Developers for Apple handset applications. 


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