IT Outsourcing for Service Providers

For Service Providers, Outsourcing Hardware, Infrastructure or Connectivity is a proven way to reduce costs and increase coverage especially for smaller teams. We've had an active Reseller and Partnership channel for the last 25 years and we're well versed in this relationship. Our onboarding process for Service Providers differs from companies in that we will undertake to learn your methods, processes, and requirements by assigning each Service Provider a Technical Lead from our Team. This UK Based Technical Lead will be responsible for the entire relationship and for supervising our NOC and HD Teams when dealing with your incidents. Onboarding a Service Provider can take some time but its not a race and you need to have complete confidence in our ability to represent your company in our daily activities. 

Hardware Support

Outsourcing your hardware support is a cost effective way to manage failures. Usually charged on a per machine or per incident basis, having all your hardware repaired or replaced at a fixed monthly cost can be a budgetary and performance benefit. When outsourcing Hardware Support we would often supply a number of 'cold spares' to your key sites ensuring that mission critical equipment is already on site and avoiding any delay in recovery. Everything else is collected or RTB, worked on and retured within a given and specific timeframe. We only supply the highest class hardware solutions and every HP and Synology server we supply is automatically included in any support agreement for 5 years from installation at no extra charge. 

Infrastructure Support

The highest risk to any business continuity would be infrastructure, and that incldues routers, switches, cabling &  servers, but excludes desktop's, workstaions, printers, and other non-essential peripherals. Choosing to outsource infrastructure assures response and remedy compliant with your own service level commitments. For larger sites cold swap hardware or even hot swap will be provided and installed as part of the agreeemnt to ensure SLA compliance.

Connectivity Outsourcing

For Service Providers with larger wide area networks, expanding Infrastructure support to encompass the entire wide area network is a favourable route and cost effective whilst ensuring stability and performance. We would supply, maintain and support all circuits and optionally install backup circuits to ensure compliance with any service level agreement. 

HelpDesk Support Channeling

Using our HelpDesk system we can channel end user requests into channels, route those channels to certain teams and flag that may require your approval or indeed that you may wish to perform yourself. A good example here would be adding a user whch you may authorise us to undertake, but permission change you may want to (a) approve before we do it or (b) do it yourself. You will have a full view of all support requests from the end user, and their current status with the ability to 'claim' them, cease them or re-route them as you see fit. Your technical lead will also have full visibility and in many cases will receive incomming requests, approving and assigning them. 

Benefits of Outsourcing

Whichever combination of outsouring chosen, we will take on the daily operations of Hardware, Infrastrucutre and/or Connectivity leaving you free to focus on your core business objectives. We consider this type of Outsourcing as a Partnership in a clearly designed framework with single points of contact and optionaly rebranded HelpDesk and Portals and Services. 

If you want to discuss the options then give us a call today, or chat online, or even email us via the contact form and we'll come right back to you! 

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