MacOS and IOS Technical Support

macOSAapple mac pro display pro mac pro 060319 big.jpg.largepple, have been around since the very early days of desktop computing, and many would say have always been ahead of the curve in both hardware and software. Apple was indeed one of the first microcomputers to have a graphical user interface, and I fondly remember Finder in the early black and white Macintosh. 

Today, Apple is still a leader in technology and systems, providing rock solid high performance platforms for the most demanding of users, but at a premium that is simply too much for the majority. The truth is that Apple hardware is hard to repair and upgrade, that's if its upgradeable at all, and the product range is narrow when compared to the rest of the market, which excludes it from consideration in many scenario's. Regardless, we use Apple MacPro's exclusively for our desktop clients, and MacBook Pro's for our laptops and we've never regretted that decision, not least because in the last 10 years we've had a low failure rate of absolutely zero. That is, not a single MacPro or MacBook has failed on us, and that's a quite significant statistic. 

The Apple Ecosystem

No one can deny that the apple ecosystem offers some truly unique intergrations between phones, watches, laptops and desktop's, which can be a real boost to productivity. The alternative "Android" is infested with tracking and privacy issues which for the majority of businesses excludes it from consideration, leaving Apple to sweep up the corporate market on handsets. If you have iPhones, then the iWatch is of course the only logical choice for a smart watch and the iPad of course has a solid base for the best all round tablet in the industry. 

Technical Support

Apple does provide 'Support' for MacOS via their callback service, and that's great but in truth they are only able to solve the problems that their system guides them to solve. Anything customer specific or not seen before and you're left in the dark whilst they locate someone who may know how to actually fix it. This first-line-only approach from Apple demonstrates a significant gap in the market for true second and third line support on MacOS and we're more than happy to fill that gap with our comprehensive technical support offerings. 

As I've said before, we exclusively use MacPro's and MacBook's here and in fact we've been using Mac's for the last 20 years. Over that time our technical teams have become experts in Apple hardware and operating systems as well as the major software packages such as Office for Mac, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Adobe CC and many more. Not only can we provide technical support as standard in all our oursourcing and support plans, but we also provide hardware support with RTB,  Onsite and same/next day swap as required, matching the services we offer for other hardware. 

Our Remote Support services fully support the apple ecosystem allowing us to quickly remotely fix the majority of issues with minimal customer involvement. 

We are one of the very few providers who host MacOSX Server (either virtualised or physical) in our datacentres for anyone wishing to host services on the Apple platform. 

If you already have an investment in Apple, but are looking for a more swift and comprehensive support service, or you are considering Apple and would like to discuss the options then please give us a call today

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