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GENSupport is a leading edge technology support and consultancy provider. We have been providing professional services since 1992 and have built up a wide and varied customer base from sole traders to multi-nationals.

The Information Technology Business is still rapidly evolving even today, and there are so many vendors on the field all promoting their systems as if they will solve your every problem. Of course in reality that's never the case, but making the right choices has become increasingly hard in recent years. Do you choose Microsoft Windows, or Linux? Central or Distributed Computing? and What workstations.. Thin or Thick? and we've only just started.... In our business, we so often see technology badly applied to business systems, either through inappropriate equipment or services, or through inefficient or ineffective integration and technology doesn't come cheap. We can help you make the right choices and be there to propose, document and implement the right processes to ensure your investment works for you and not the other way around.

GENSupport has always been ahead of the game when it comes to providing the very best service and this is part of our company ethos. We embrace technology with open arms and work it hard.

Multi-Vendor Support from One Support Provider

One of the many issues in this industry is responsibility. You may have your Server's maintained by Company A, Your phone System by Company B, and your software by Company C. When your software failes to operate correctly you call Company C who tell you its the server so you call Company B who tell you that its the software. Likewise, if you can't make a call, you would call company B, and they'll tell you its not their phone system its your line provider Company D, company D tells you their lines are fine and so on. We at GEN strive to be different. You call us, and WE will deal with Company A, B, C and D and effect a swift resolution to your issues, saving you time, effort and frustration. 

Remote Support

We've been providing Remote Support since 1999 and remain a market leader in this field. With Remote Support we can drastically cut down the response times and remedy your issues FAST. Remote support isn't limited to your Desktops, we have hardware that allows us to remote support your entire infrastrcuture from our Network Operations Centre which is staffed 24/7. This same hardware also provides our NOC staff with realtime data on power, temperature, humidity, UPS load and status, Server and Network performance and of course Firewall activity. With these data feeds we can often spot issues before they become a problem and resolve them fast. Our Enterprise customers almost never have to call us because we're already working to resolve the issue and have notified them before they are aware themselves. 

Emergency Support

Our Emergency Support services provide rapid on-site response to organisations 24 hours a day when you absolutely need it. With Realtime Monitoring and Remote Support, you may find our engineers at your door when you come to open up in the morning with replacement parts in hand. For customer with Managed Hardware, we keep cold spares of all system critical hardware ready to swap in should you experience a failure and this level or protection is unique to GEN. 

Service Levels

Take a look at our Service Level Agreements and Maintenance Agreements and you'll see that we're a no-nonsense company. We provide what we promise and work hard to ensure we maintain our reputation for professional and competitive services.

With Service Hubs in Nottingham (Nottinghamshire), Birmingham (West Midlands), Manchester, Hull (Humberside) and Uxbridge (Middlesex) we have a range of high performance localised services which include, 1 hour on-site response services, 15 minute remote response, and 4 hour hardware swap-out services. In addition we provide some discount to local businesses as our travel times are greatly reduced.

Forensic and Security

Whilst it should happen to no one, if you experience or suspect a data breach or system penetration, we can have our cyber security staff on site rapidly to conduct an audit and secure your systems. Our Forensic Team are able to analyse servers, workstations, laptops and phones to identify fraudulent or illicit activity such as data or IP theft and we have interfaces wtih ICO and the Police to further investigate criminal activity. 

Public Services

As a company we care for our environment and community with such initiatives as the Community Support Fund, which provides funding for local community projects and initiatives. We offer significant discounts to Educational Establishments, Charities and Non-Profit Community or Environmental organisations, and Public Service Operators such as the Police, Fire and Ambulance Services.


Our 2022/2023 Referral Program

The majority of our new business comes from customer referrals, and that's awesome, but we wanted to reward those customers who refer us somehow. Traditionally, we did this by crediting their account with £25


GEN Managed Storage Options is a comprehensive portfolio of storage services that can be localised on site, cloud based or a mixture of the two. With GEN MSO there is no up front charge for the storage hardware, installation or transfer a


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GEN has been an investor in Synology hardware and solutions since its arrival on the market, and in that time Synology has become synonymous with quality and performance in the dedicated NAS arena. Founded in 2000, Synology is dedicated to