Call and Contact Centres

image.pngGEN Have a wide range of Call Centre specific products and services designed to maximise efficiency and performacne. We've been in the Call Centre market for the last 15 years and have a proven track record. We'll break down our core services below:

IP Voice Telephony

High Performance IP Based Telephony allowing single/multioffice configurations with secure encrypted remote working. Our IP PBX is fully scaleable upto an unlimited number of endpoints and channels with load balancing and fault tollerant configurations. 

Ultra Low Latency Point to Point and Point to MultiPoint Connectivity

Providing the very best high speed connectivity to ensure crystal clear telephony over encrypted circuits to single or multiple carriers. 

Predictive Dial Systems

Our proprietary predictive dialer has a proven track record and benchmarks at the fasted DP currently available. Operating in both ISDN and IP modes with load balancing and fault tollerant configurations available. Our Dialer is capable of exceeding the feed rate of any other compliant dialer in the world thanks to its tightly integrated agent system. 

Automated Data Provisioning and Processing

Combining secure internet based file management with process automation we can provide automated data import, export, reconcilliation, and processing. 

Voice Recording and Storage

Ensuring every call is recorded, stored, archived and encrypted within a sinple application suit. IP Recording is done on the IP PBX directly whether IP, ISDN or even POTS and is shipped onto a storage array in the background. High performance index, catalog and processing software then links this call data to campaigns and programmes for archival on or off site. 

Internet Access control, monitoring and reporting

The Internet has become a large component in call centre operations and protecting your agents and business from internet borne threats is a serious concern. We have a provden internet access control service that locks agents down to specific sites and resources required for their job roles. Individual access controls can be applied to agents, groups, ip blocks and more allowing complete control with comprehensive logging and archival. 

Management Information Systems

One of the many components to running an efficient call or contact centre is management reporting and we've a proven track record with providing the very best in management information in both relatime and offline scenario's. With our interactive touchscreen monitoring systems to PDF and Excel based automated and scheduled reporting. Whatever your requirements we can collect it, process it and report on it. 

If you have a contact or call centre and are looking for efficiency and performance enhancements then contact us today