Solicitors and Legal Services

IT Security and Services for Solicitors and Legal Services Companies

If your a solicitor, barrister, or legal services company there then are several key areas that need to be covered when considering IT services and solutions. 

Data Security

This might seem obvious but the risks to a legal services company are much greater than a washing machine parts manufacturer should confidential files be made available publicly and for this reason cloud storage such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and of course the infamous Dropbox are clearly ruled out, but this doesn't mean cloud storage is off the table it just means that hosting it requires more care and consideration. We've developed our own WebDrive Secure Storage solutions for this very market with secure access, storage and social engineering awareness training to ensure your data stays secure. 

Network Security

Building upon shared private cloud, our SAS (Secure Access Service) allows remote workers to have specific, marhsalled and audited access to certain corporate systems on their remote laptops, phones and tablets. SAS allows precision control over which resources are available from which locations, times, devices and more. This level of granular control significantly reduces the risk of data leakage from compromised devices. 

Voice Security

This vector is rarely considered and yet its one of the most exploited. Small companies using analogue telephony can have their calls easily intercepted without ever knowing its happening. Larger companies with digital (E1/2E) are again easily intercepted with the right equipment and those who have moved to SIP are even easier to intercept. Having a secure telephony infrastructure is all about preventing interception of voice calls without considerable effort and its not hard to achieve. Through the use of IP telephony and encryption we can ensure your call is clear and uncompromised between you and the interconnect which is the main risk area. Another area of voice that is again rarely considered is call recording which is a must if you rely on calls for communication of facts. The same solution that provides secure communications also allows for all calls in and out to be recorded to secure medium for archival. 

eMail and Electronic Messaging

There's no doubt that email is becoming business critical these days, but for solicitors who maybe have in excess of hundreds of current cases email can become more of a problem than a benefit. We've developed several systems to try and make this easier. Firstly we have email archival which will store every email in and out for future retrieval in the event of 'issues'. Secondly we have forced disclaimers added to the end of every outgoing email, and advanced content filtering to catch email's with restricted words of phrases from leaving. We have hijack and brute force detection to keep your email's safe and we can even lock email down to your offices. Finally we have a system known as case routing which allows for emails from senders to be automatically assigned to a case folder in the inbox making it much easier to manage. Combine these features with public folders allowing a group of people to share email, distribution lists and automation and we've got a system that is streets ahead of anything else on the market. 

SDI (Secure Document Interchange)

This system allows legal services companies to share documents, photo's, video's and other data securely with other parties. The SDI framework allows both parties to have secure logins and to exchange data in a controlled, and secure way. Full auditing and logging is in place together with proactive security countermeasures to ensure your data is going to be secure. 

Security Auditing and Training

You may be surprised to know that most of the security breaches that we investigate happen through social engineering rather than via the internet. Social engineering techniques are used to obtain access to one or more computers within a company and from there its only bad news. Making staff aware of the risks, together with auditing the systems and security is a key part of preventing a data breach and of course the liability that comes with that. 

If your in the legal services field and would like to talk about some of these services then contact us today!