Incident Report 2021-04-19 16:00 - RESOLVED

The Certificate Provider for the Legacy GENZone platform are having issues furnishing CRL lists. This is causing some clients to see the certificate as REVOKED. Their technical team are working to resolve the issue and will have an update shortly. 

In the meantime we have disabled the certificate so that automated mail transactions can continue internally between our gateways. 

If you are using the legacy system ( as the mail server) and need to use email in the short term, then access via the web is still working. 

17:00 - The issue is still ongoing, but email is being received and processed ok. This primarily affects email clients access GENZone (or GENX) via IMAP4 & SMTP with STARTTLS enabled. 

18:00 - We have made the decision that waiting for our supplier is not acceptable and we have replaced the certificate with a new one from another supplier. There will be a short delay before the new cert replicates to all servers in the cluster. 

This has meant a certificate change, those using software with twitchy settings may see one or more warnings about TLS1.x, just accept through them as you did before.