pinit_fg_en_rect_red_20 GEN - Scheduled Maintenance

A number of software updates will be applied to the GENX, GENZone, GENScan and AntiSpam Maxim systems. Downtime will be possible but only for a few minutes on each system as the software is reloaded. 

Routine Maintenance Windows

  • Daily 04:00-04:30 : Routine upgrades to infrastructure hardware & firmware. There is generally no downtime for this work but in the rare case there is then it will only be momentary. 
  • Sunday Morning 02:00-03:00 : Scheduled Patch updates to GENX and GENZone messaging systems will take place during this window and services will be momentarily interrupted whilst they reload
  • Sunday Morning 03:00-03:30 : Installation of hotfixes and security patches to managed windows servers. 

Scheduled Maintenance Windows

Scheduled Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance Windows

18/05/2018 18:00-04:00: Patching of Draytek routing and switching equipment to prevent CSF/DNS-DHCP web attacks.