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Despite everyone's best efforts there can be situations where suppliers and customerrs are in dispute and that dispute is of a technical nature. Sometimes the customers do not fully understand the technical aspects and likewise the suppliers do not fully understand the customers concerns and we deal with such situations on a regular basis. In many cases a resolution can be achieved without the need for costly and drawn out legal proceedings which in many cases results in no clear winner. 

We will pick up and become the communication channel between customer and supplier and arbitrate a solution that suits both sides. We do this by setting out the obligations of each side in a language that is fully understood and will establish an action plan to direct workflow towards a mutually agreed position. 

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Despite our best efforts there are times when issues cannot be resolved and legal action follows, and in this scenario we will be on hand to provide technical documentation to one or both parties to aid in court preparation.

If you have a dispute ongoing, or you are struggling with your customer or vendor then contact us today and we will work to resolve your issues. If you are a solicitor or legal organisation and are looking for pre-trial resolution then contact us today to know more.